Bill Gates will publish a book with tips to avoid another pandemic

In one way or another, the name of Bill Gates has come up a lot in recent years with the coronavirus pandemic. This has not only happened because of his multiple comments on the situation and predictions about when he will end, but also because of some conspiracy theories, such as the chips in the vaccines.

Bill Gates’ interest in the pandemic, or pandemics in general, is well known and part of his thoughts and research will be revealed in a book that he is going to publish on this subject.

The announcement of the novelty has come through his blog, as well as the title it will have: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic. The title itself already indicates the theme and in the essay he will face one of the great concerns that exist: the arrival of another pandemic even more deadly than the current one. Something that the employer takes for granted.

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates has commented on how enriching everything he has learned from experts thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the projects they have carried out has been for him. For this reason, he wants to convey a series of approaches with the aim of raising awareness of the idea of ??taking measures to prevent pandemics in the future .

The foundation they lead has directed part of its efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic and last summer they announced 50 million dollars to help 92 low-income countries with vaccination. A small part of the 1,800 million that have been dedicated to the coronavirus, as reported in Entrepreneur.

Going back to the book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic explains a series of concrete steps that should be taken and ways to provide better medical care to prevent the rapid spread of some diseases. In general, it seems that it will have an eminently practical approach.

In the same way, Gates affirms that there will also be a space in which he will talk about the conspiracy theories about the pandemic that have grown so much in recent times, and that seem far from dying out.

The eighth book by Bill Gates will be on sale in English on May 3rd. At the moment there is no news about its translation into Spanish, but it will surely not take too long to arrive.