Blade Runner 2099, the sequel to a live-action series will arrive from the hand of Amazon

After the first Blade Runner sequel film, set 35 years after the original film starring Harrison Ford, it seems that the story of this dystopian future of humans and replicants is far from over . And it is that Amazon Studios wanted to resume the project with Blade Runner 2099, a new sequel set 50 years later of the last events, and that will arrive for the first time as a live action series.

We previously heard director Ridley Scott himself speak to the BBC last November, «joking» about the fact that he was already preparing a new program from the Blade Runner world: «We have already written the Blade Runner pilot«, declared the director at the end of last year, «we can already present Blade Runner as a television series, probably the first 10 hours«.

However, without new details or leaks, we have had to wait until today to confirm this news, thanks to the publication of the website Deadline, who assure that Blade Runner 2099 is in priority development by Amazon Studios , speeding up the scripts and analyzing possible production dates.

According to shared data, Ridley Scott would be part of the series as director and executive producer , although he is not the only confirmed participant. The presence ofSilka Luisa, well-known showrunner and head of Apple TV+, has also already been advanced, who will perform the duties of executive producer and help with the script.

Unfortunately, at the moment no name is known for the cast, although taking us to such an advanced timeline, it would not be surprising if the series premiered a completely new cast with respect to the previous deliveries, being able to confirm the absences of Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and Edward James Olmos. Although it remains to be seen if, in the same way that was done with the first sequel, we will have a special appearance or cameo from other actors such as Ana de Armas, Dave Bautista or Jared Leto.

Without a release date, although apparently quite advanced, it is expected that we will know new details of Blade Runner 2099 soon, and even that we will see its premiere on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform later this year.