Blizzard is hiring people for an unannounced project based on one of its existing franchises

After the unfortunate actions of some of the members of Activision Blizzard in the case of abuse and discrimination against workers, the company could begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel after having learned of its acquisition at the hands of Microsoft.

Since the great purchase of the giant at the hands of another giant within the video game industry was announced, the name of Blizzard has made many headlines. Today, a new one comes before us with anticipating future plans.

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It seems that Blizzard is already working on a few new projects. After learning that a survival game is in development and rumors of yet another title have surfaced, a job offer puts the spotlight back on the developer.

A new job offer at the Blizzard’s hiring and employment website has dropped hints about what could be a new game in development. This is what is known so far:

The job offered is for the position of main content designer in an unannounced project, which has raised a lot of suspicions. Although nothing is mentioned about the identity of said project, the job description hints at where the shots could go.

The ideal candidate will present designs that combine compelling gameplay and a narration to help us create game areas, missions, characters and dialogues for an unannounced project, reads the official information.

However, what generated the most whispers is that this project will be related to an “established Blizzard IP”. There are many candidates, although some fans put World of Warcraft or Diablo among the most likely.

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Why? Well, because of the requirements and suggestions of the position. The designer would need to create quests, points of interest, and characters within a shared world and have experience creating and running pen-and-paper RPG campaigns and/or live action RPGs.

It is also stated that the applicant should have a “love of role-playing games (tabletop or PC)”. Which may be? At the moment, there’s not much more that can be gleaned.

Looking forward to seeing what awaits Blizzard with this change of scenery. At the moment, Phil Spencer says the Activision Blizzard deal is “way beyond anything we’ve done.”