Boy died after falling out of third-story window

A six-year-old boy lost his life on Tuesday morning in Mexico City.

The authorities reported his death in front of the building where he lived, on Insurgentes Avenue in the Tabacalera neighborhood of the Aztec capital.

The minor fell from a third floor . The community notified the authorities, who went to the scene. The uniformed Police and the paramedics when they arrived found him without vital signs .

He would have died instantly from the injuries caused.

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“According to the first reports and what was seen by the video surveillance cameras, the minor looked out the window to observe the arrival of his parents to the home, when he did not hold on and fell,” reported the Secretariat of Citizen Security through a statement.

The experts cordoned off the area to carry out the lifting of the body, collect the evidence and carry out the corresponding interviews that will serve to clarify the situation.

According to information known by local media, the investigations try to clarify whether the child was accompanied or, if not, he remained alone in the apartment waiting for his parents.

Thus, it will be analyzed in what conditions he lived or who taken care of.

“The police notified the agent of the Public Ministry, for the services corresponding expert opinions and the investigations of the case”, concluded the authorities.

For the time being, the family has not ruled on the death of the child.