Build your movie collection with the best of 2021 on Blu-Ray

What would we do without the cinema? The seventh art has become the most popular medium for telling stories, whether they are originals or adaptations, deep or simply funny. And among so much cinema, there are films that stand out above others.

Waiting to find out which films will win the golden statuette this year, it is worth reviewing some cinematic gems of 2021, because it was a year full of good cinema that cannot be missing from the shelf of any movie buff.

Thus, at least, you deserve to have in your private video library the best movies of 2021 to be able to review them in high quality and, in addition, delight yourself with their deleted scenes and additional content, something only possible in their physical versions.

Thus warm up the popcorn and grab a good blanket, because here are some of the best movies of 2021 for you to build your home theater collection.


Without a doubt, the film event of the past year. Dune is a colossal and majestic sci-fi epic heading warily towards the Oscars. Its Blu-Ray in UltraHD 4K format can be seen on er yours for 38 euros, with a lot of additional material.

Denis Villeneuve directs with a firm hand this adaptation of the original novel by Frank Herbert. This new version is an amazing journey, a film that takes you through two and a half hours and that takes the necessary time to build a brutal, devastating and significant epic.


Nomadland took the Oscar for Best Movie, and it’s no wonder. Just as it is not surprising that the award for Best Actress went to Frances McDormand and the award for Best Director, Chloé Zhao, director of Eternals. This Oscar-winning film can be yours for only 11.99 euros.

Nomadland sheds light on a dark area of ??American society by showing the daily life of the “workampers”. In this cruel but beautiful film, Chloé Zhao takes care of everything to offer an image that is as heartbreaking as it is hopeful. Moving, human and very natural; without a doubt, an Oscar more than deserved.

The good skipper

Javier Bardem stars in the best Spanish film of last year and worthy representative for the Oscars, although in the end it was not nominated. We are talking about The good boss, a film that you can add to your collection for only 16.98 euros.

The good boss is a badly written film that exudes wit and insight, but it is also a perfect portrait of a way of understanding business that, unfortunately for us, is the order of the day. Fernando León de Aranoa signs one of the best films of his career: seamless, the kind that makes you feel uncomfortable laughing at tremendously recognizable situations.


Cruella was a pleasant surprise in many ways: in how she turns an already told story on its head to make it unique, in how she harnesses the potential of the world of fashion in the cinema and how it shows Emma Stone’s coronation as the perfect villain. It can be yours in steelbook format for 24 euros.

To our surprise, Gillespie has made an outrageously stunning film: inspiring, daring, beautifully planned and a triumph of craftsmanship and teamwork . A great ball led by two praiseworthy female performances by Emma Stone and Emma Thompson.

The last duel

Ridley Scott returns to the big screen and rescues a pertinent story from the 14th century and strikes gold in The Last Showdown, a filmstarring the talented Jodie Comer and which can be yours in Blu-Ray format for 17.99 euros.

The last duel is not only a magnificent adaptation but a film that knows how to appeal to the past to tell us about the present and give a demystifying perspective to the social, legal and political practices of the Middle Ages. All with a magnificent script, a brutal production design, masterful performances and a fully current message.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Popcorn movie lovers can walk away rubbing their hands, because Godzilla vs Kong gives everything it promises: a show deeper than it seems, but starring the two legendary creatures from the monster movies who bang each other to death. You have it on Amazon in Blu-Ray format for only 13.99 euros.

Godzilla vs. Kong is a sensational monster movie that connects with the tradition of human empathy towards Kong and the brutality of the power of the great titans like Godzilla. It is an adventure full of anthological images that will make you vibrate on the sofa and will bring out the boy or girl in you.

No time to die

Nothing can prepare you for No Time To Die , the film in which Daniel Craig bids farewell to the secret agent he has been bringing to life for 15 years. You have the Blu-Ray available on Amazon for 19.95 euros.

No time to die is the spectacular ending to the narrative arc from Daniel Craig’s Bond. No time to die is perceived as a radical change of era and puts all the meat on the grill to move the viewer, dazzle him and leave the interpreter forever fixed in the collective imagination as an icon but also as the most human iteration of the character.

A quiet place 2

After the success of the first part of what has become the franchise most interesting horror film in recent years, A Quiet Place 2 returns us to that gloomy atmosphere already suffocating that forces us to hold our breath even in the safety of our sofa. You have both films in Blu-Ray format for 23.99 euros.

A Quiet Place 2maintains the tension from beginning to end thanks to an initial flashback that takes us back to the first day of the invasion and the emergence of a new character brilliantly played by Cillian Murphy. It’s a film that gets to the point and doesn’t easily fall into common places; pure cinematographic language and tense parallel montages.

Another round

The excellent Mads Mikkelsen scores one of the roles of his life in Another Round, a Danish film that was crowned Best Foreign Film at the Oscars. You can have it in your collection in Blu-Ray format for only 16.99 euros.

This film, directed by Thomas Vinterberg, talks about breaking the rules and recovering the illusion of living. Perhaps it is not politically correct to approach this issue from the point of view of alcohol consumption, given the problems that abusing it entails, but it is edifying to rediscover the power of disinhibition and the most mundane enjoyment.