Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch? This is how the president of Microsoft wants it

I remember playing… I think it was Call of Duty 4 the title I enjoyed on, mind you, a Nintendo DS. The control was regular but hey, I had a great time, really. Later I know that some titles of the saga came out on Wii, or I even remember Black Ops 2 on Wii U, but I already got quite addicted to that game on my old PS3. Game that, by the way, I mention in this post and videowhere I talk about what is for me the best CoD of the entire saga.

But, without knowing which was the last installment of the saga on a Nintendo console, I do know that it’s been a few years since we’ve seen one on that platform. But it seems that Microsoft, who are now the owners of Activision Blizzard, want to change that and have real intentions of launching some Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch. Or at least, that’s what they want, another thing is that they get it…

Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch

It was the portal VGC that collected and shared information from an interview between the portal CNBC and the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith.

    of Duty to Nintendo Switch ?

  • However, given the graphic power of the hybrid console, I don’t think they can ideally port any of the most recent installments of the saga ?
  • That makes me think that maybe one day they will do some kind of spin-off that can go to Switch ?
  • But this is an assumption, and they can still launch Warzone on the hybrid console but fully compressed. What do you think? ??