Capcom starts playing the mystery: the Japanese company prepares two unexpected announcements and one is about Resident Evil

It is these games that companies offer us that we like so much. Being surrounded by a mystery that makes us bite our nails, as Capcom has just proposed. The Japanese company has revealed that there will be two new announcements coming soon, but it has drawn a veil over them.

The biggest event looks like the one we’ll be able to see in the countdown that Capcom has started. A website that only shows us a counter indicating that something will happen next week , exactly next Monday, February 21 at 07:00, Spanish peninsular time (00:00 in CDMX). Absolutely no other information appears on the screen, but there does seem to be a clue.

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As pointed out by VGC, a tournament of the final season of Street Fighter Pro Tour is scheduled to end at the same time as the countdown, so we could be talking about Street Fighter VI. However, it is still premature to make such a statement, despite the fact that Capcom has already revealed that it is working on the new installment of the fighting saga.

On the other hand, what we do seem to be clearer about is the Resident Evil announcement. The official account of the franchise website has revealed that tomorrow, February 15 at 08:00 a.m., Spanish peninsular time (01:00 a.m. on CDMX), there will be news about the franchise.

Oh, there’s something fishy on the Resident Evil website… It seems this was the reason why all the staff around me were busy working lately. Something will happen tomorrow at 4 p.m. (JST), so we hope you all enjoy it!

We have more clues about what it could be, since the image shows the Biohazard 2 logo, as well as the zombie from the first game in Spencer Mansion. A Resident Evil Classics Collections? One more assumption, but it is clear that Capcom is keeping several tricks up his sleeve. In fact, one of them is the Resident Evil Village DLC that we haven’t heard from since its announcement.