Carrascal, in the sights of Russian football

Much has been said in recent hours about the possible departure of Jorge Carrascal from River Plate . The Argentine media assure that it would be the surprise at the end of the transfer market.

Well, the only offer that had come for the Colombian a while ago was from CSKA Moscow, from Russia. At that time, River said no to the 7 million euros. Apparently he changed his mind.

This Tuesday, the newspaper Olé assured that they are still looking for Carrascal in Russia. Also, this is one of the leagues that has its market open. The period ends next February 22 and they have time to close it.

They say it in Argentina

“Although Juanfer Quintero is still one of those who has faith in his compatriot, the question now will be whether Jorge Carrascal will finally explode in River or will detonate in another place. Because the tiki-tiki of the talented midfielder who came under the nickname “Colombian Neymar” but never got over the tick-tock tick-tock that heralded his explosion in Marcelo Gallardo’s team could have its boom in Russia”, affirmed the Argentine media.

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And the fact is that the Russian League is one of the few in Europe that follows with the window open for registration. According to Ole, the leaders are negotiating the possible departure of the Colombian, whose businessmen would have sought a market in the MLS. “In the offices of the Monumental they welcome a game of Carrascal in the form of a loan with a purchase option or selling a percentage of his pass,” Olé pointed out.

For now, the 23-year-old midfielder from Cartagena continues to work with the millionaire. In the recent friendly against Vélez he had no action, although he was among the alternatives. Next Saturday River Plate will debut in the League against Unión.