Ceiling light and bluetooth speaker, the new and economical 2 in 1 from LIDL

This is not the first time that we have talked about a Lidl device that is innovative, recently we also published a story about the electronic peephole they sell, but this time we are faced with a 2 in 1: an LED lamp with built-in speaker in which everything can be regulated.

The use of this equipment is as expected and could not be easier. It is installed like a normal lamp and is capable of lighting up an entire room without problems, but it also has a speaker to which music or podcasts can be sent from the mobile via Bluetooth so that the play.

This LED ceiling light with bluetooth speaker is sold with a incorporated control to regulate the intensity of the light or playback and costs the same as any other speaker, because at Lidl almost all products are very affordable.


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It is important to point out that this lamp is an investment as it achieves “up to 87% energy savings compared to a normal 136 W light bulb”, as reported by Lidl. In addition, the light is warm white, it does not dazzle.

As for the intensity, it can be adjusted with the remote control so that you have the desired atmosphere at all times. In case you want to put it to the maximum, it reaches 2,200 lm. The lamp also has a timer so that it turns itself off after 30 minutes at most.

All this is possible with the remote control that is used to control light and sound and that requires two batteries. Of course, the music can also be controlled with the mobile that sends the signal via Bluetooth.

In terms of installation, it does not vary from that of a normal ceiling lamp and it weighs only 1.28 kilograms with measurements of 40 x 8 centimeters. Being discreet in design, it doesn’t seem to have a built-in speaker.

Finally, regarding the price, it should be noted beforehand that the product includes a wall mount for the remote control and the batteries you need. If you wish, you will have all this equipment at home for only 39.99 euros through the Lidl online store.