Channing Tatum, traumatized by the cancellation of Gambit: “I don’t watch Marvel movies”

Channing Tatum, the well-known leading actor in films such as Jupiter Ascending, Magic Mike or Step Up, among many others, has assured in a recent interview with the media Variety that the cancellation of his project for bringing Marvel’s mutant Gambit to the big screen was traumatic for him. So much so, that Tatum had to direct and star in the character’s solo film, a project that was ultimately canceled due to Disney‘s purchase of Fox.

A traumatic experience for Tatum

Thus, after five years of planning with Channing Tatum himself offering updates and being enthusiastic about bringing Gambit to life, the project ended up coming to nothing because Fox was very close to being absorbed by Disney, truncating all plans for the famous mutant of the X-Men.Channing Tatum traumatized by Gambit cancellation: 'I don't watch Marvel movies'

“The studio didn’t want me to direct it. They literally preferred anyone else to do it as long as it wasn’t me because I’ve never directed anything, “says Tatum, adding that he was willing to hand over the direction of the film to someone else as long as the project moved forward. . However, the arrival of Disney in the equation truncated all plans.

“Once Gambit was over, I was traumatized. I closed my Marvel machine. I haven’t been able to watch any of his movies since. I adored this character. I was very sad. It was like losing a friend because I was very prepared to play him”, concludes Tatum, closing the door to playing a superhero character, in addition to adding that since then he has not heard from a possible Gambit’s return to the big screen.

Let us remember that with the purchase of Fox by Disney, all the mutant projects in the cinema were stopped, leaving only The New Mutants as a Fox film that premiered under the tutelage of Disney for their continued delays.

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