The Chinese nation is the oldest one, and even from history pages, it has proved that these people are living on the earth for two thousand years or more. Chinese food is categorized into two groups, the ancient traditional food and the new dishes that have merged in their lives with time. Here we are providing the list of ten conservative foods that are eat in China on an immense scale and loved by people:

  1. Tea EGGS
  2. Chinese style hotdog
  3. Scallion pancakes
  4. Shrimp soup
  5. BiangBiang Noodles
  6. Congee
  7. Baozi
  8. Peking duck
  9. Crab rice fried
  10. Siu Mai

The Chinese food is quite appetizing, but they are entirely different from that of American and European traditional foods (because these meals are missing chicken and beef), and most of them have an addition of reptiles. Packaged food is also becoming a trend in china like egg rolls, and mushroom Rangoon is served in western parts of China in the packets.

Sandwich or Hamburgers are made on the local streets by multiple vendors, containing delicious porky slices having sauces on them are preferred by maximum public except Muslims, as they eat only beef burgers or chicken, fish, mutton, lamb, and camel.


The peoples all around the World love to eat Chinese food cooked or baked with a variety of spices, ingredients, and techniques. They may be cuisine meal, rich in carbohydrates or starchy meal, and culinary items. It is a fact that most Chinese like to eat uncooked food or half a steam cooked meal on several occasions. Particularly the Chinese people have an old tradition to wish each other with handmade food at festivals. Towards them, it is the best way to greet your loved ones. In different parts of the World, people specifically go to restaurants to eat Chinese dishes because they are less spicy and too much aromatic and healthier diet to consume in the morning and night.

Chinese rice with shashlik, chicken chow-mein, Antipasto bites, pan pizza, boiled fresh vegetables, tofu (dish of curd and soy milk), and pasta noodles are the beloved foods cooked and enjoys in every continent of the World. Chinese have 1000 years old history in making sweet, sour, and fried foods. Before death, if you ever visit Beijing, Xian jinn, or Shanghai, then never forget to have their food specialty in the World ranking restaurants in China where they please foreigners with traditional style.


Chinese food and their beautiful culture warmly welcome tourists globally, mouth Licious and favorite customer Hotpot, Sichuan pork, Braised balls in gravy, Shrimp vermicelli, Dumplings, Steamed rolls, Shrimp with cashew nuts, kung pao chicken, Wontons, and Yangchow rice are best dishes to eat in Chinese restaurants.