Clash Royale: this is Magical Love Challenge, the new Valentine’s event

Anew eventis before us in Clash Royale. The Supecell game joins the celebration of love on Valentine’s Day with a challenge in which we will have to create a deck with the Princess and the Magical Archer.

The synergy between these cards is not the best and there are still no decks that exploit the abilities of lovers, you can experiment with a Log Bait or Hog Rider deck. Nothing is written yet, you can be the first to discover a strong deck.

The easiest card to play in Clash Royale Here are 3 decks to win!

The challenge won’t count losses, you just have to play until you win. You can try decks and have fun until you get all the rewards, which are quite a lot for how easy it is.

Rewards of the new challenge of Clash Royale

  • After one win: Two chest keys.
  • After two wins: Two thousand gold.
  • After three victories: A exchange token for a legendary card.
  • After four wins: Three thousand gold.
  • After five wins: One legendary wildcard.

It is a simple challenge that will start on Monday the 14th, Valentine’s Day. The duration of the challenge is not known, but it probably won’t be long due to its simplicity.
At the moment there are still 3 days left of Super Lava Hound in which you can get many rewards in challenge.

Supercell has decided to give us a quiet day so we can get some gifts and celebrate Valentine’s Day without stressing about defeats. It is a good time to try to hook your partner to the game or enjoy some relaxing games in which nothing is at stake.