CoD Vanguard will take us to Egypt in Terra Maledicta, the new chapter of zombies

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Vanguard will take us to the new chapter of zombies mode. Terra Maledicta will take us to fight against the living dead in the deserts of eastern Egypt. Treyarch Studios, responsible for this portion of the game, will once again propose a meeting point where the rest of the game modes can be connected. We already know the first details.

What do we know about Terra Maledicta in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

The forces of the Dark Aether will rise again after our passage through Der Anfang. If we survive long enough we will face Zaballa the Liar, a powerful entity from beyond the grave known as one of the ‘sisters of agony’ in the service of Kortifex. Treyarch emphasizes that Zaballa’s true face “hides behind three masks”. “These give you the strength to fight the operators,” she explains. She will be resistant “to many forms of attack”.

New threats come with new tools. The Decimator Shield will offer increased defensive advantages and a unique ability that has not been shared. Additionally, the classic beam weapon will return to the mode as part of the mystery box and loot during matches.

The shield can be achieved by completing a special story mission, starring Vercanna. “A series of special objectives and narrative reveals will move the Dark Aether saga forward, as users search for the missing page from the tome of rituals that may hold the key to defeating Von List and Kortifex,” reveals Treyarch >.

It’s not just missions that will return to the mode: Easter eggs too. Terra Maledicta is aimed squarely at the nostalgic Black Ops 2 fan. “Secondary easter eggs will return in Vanguard zombies, this time inspired by the classic Black Ops II map, Origins. Grab a shovel and find the gear hidden across the desert, and dig deeper to uncover all the secrets that Terra Maledicta has to offer”, they conclude.

Source: Call of Duty Blog