CoD Warzone Season 2, all weapons and news confirmed; Nebula V arrives

Call of Duty: Warzone will receive important changes in Caldera once the contents of Season 2 land. Starting on February 14, we will be able to explore new areas while making use of an unprecedented element: gas Nebula V. As we could see in its plot scene (located at the top of the story), the biological weapon will play an important role from now on.Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 new improvements

This is how Nebula V works in Call of Duty: Warzone

Gas will be introduced in two forms in the battle royale. The first will be part of the field perks. During the opening of loot boxes you will find ammunition boxes similar to the image that the vulnerable ammunition left us. This single magazine will cause your weapon to fire projectiles that emit a cloud of poisonous gas.

If you manage to take down an enemy, Nebula V will emanate from their body. If a teammate wants to revive them he will feel the same effects as when he is outside the circle: he will cough, it will prevent him from seeing clearly and he will receive a small percentage of stacking damage. Naturally if you have a gas mask equipped it will reduce its lifespan.Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 new improvements

The second way of use that is introduced goes through the Nebula V bomb. From Raven Software they assure that it will be “one of the rarest objects” in the game. It is added to your inventory as a killstreak in case you manage to find it. With it you can bombard an area of ??your choice with the gas. That place will remain flooded by Nebula V until 2 minutes after its explosion.

Your offensive potential will have its response in the form of a countermeasure. Another field upgrade added is the portable decontamination station. Once placed, it will release clean air for a few seconds both in areas of Nebula V and outside the circle. All those placed stations will appear on the minimap of the survivors, so you will not be safe inside it.

Weapons: this is how the Yeti Task Force is reinforced

Anna Drake, Thomas Bolt and Gustavo Dos Santos will be the trio that will be part of the new World War II squad. Only the first will be included at launch, which will be accompanied by the weapons that will land this season.

The first of these is the KG M40 assault rifle, which in damage range is similar to the NZ-41. Its elongated appearance reveals a frame with hardly any chassis; it might look like a light machine gun. Once you try it you will see that its performance is more versatile than these.Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 new improvements

During the same day 14 we will also see the incorporation of the Whitley, a classic light machine gun. Raven hints that it will be an especially effective weapon at long range, something that Warzone players will appreciate. During the reinforcements of the season we will see the arrival of the icebreaker ax and the Arma Guerra 43 submachine gun.

Caldera is renewed: new points of interest

The war in the Pacific intensifies in Season 2. Equipment helicopters in Verdansk give way to armored trucks. On the map you will see them patrolling with all kinds of defensive elements. It has turrets, armor and spreads mines in its path. The team that manages to destroy them will be secured with high-value loot items, including a chance to receive a Nebula V Bomb.

The chemical factory and the underground laboratories are the two new points of interest. Of these last locations you will find seven scattered throughout Caldera. In practice, they act like the bunkers on the previous map, only it seems that we can enter them without any requirement. Inside you can find Nebula V ammo, gas masks, and other loot boxes. In the surroundings you will find respawn points, that is, ropes that lift you up to a reasonable distance so that you can parachute back to other places. With them you can navigate faster between the main areas.

You can’t miss new game modes either. Caldera Clash will take us to capture zones in a team duel of up to 48 players divided into squads of 4 players. It will allow cross-equipment across Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard. On the other hand, Iron Trials will return to Rebirth Island with some variations, such as splitting it into duos, team differences in loot chests, and the speed of closing circles.

Source: Call of Duty Blog