Coffee, a strategy to reduce accidents on the Atlantic routes

This Saturday the drivers who were traveling by the road to the Sea, leaving Barranquilla, were surprised when they found on the route to the Atlantic authorities offering them coffee.

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This is the strategy ‘Coffee by the way ‘, in which they offer a traditional cup of Colombian coffee with the purpose of promoting safe trips through the roads of the department.

It is aimed at drivers of vehicles, who have the possibility of taking an active break


This was announced by Governor Elsa Noguera, hand in hand with the Tránsito del Atlántico, at the launch of said campaign, which it was activated from the morning.

“This campaign, which is added to all our Safe Points for Cyclists, is aimed at vehicle drivers, who have the possibility of taking an active break here and receiving a red wine, to keep them awake and avoid micro-sleeps, which are what are causing accidents on the road,” explained the president.

Noguera took advantage of the moment to invite cyclists to use the bike lane much more, which has been prepared especially for them, on the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad.

There are 30 kilometers, one lane to go and another to return, which also has two safe points for them to pedal with tranquility.

Panorama on the roads of the department

The invitation is to have coffee, but also take these recommendations seriously



And there is concern in the Atlantic, given the recent traffic accidents in which two cyclists got the worst of it . Fortunately, so far this year no deaths have been recorded, according to figures from the Government.

The opposite occurred in 2018, when nine deaths of cyclists were recorded in the department. In 2019, four fatalities were recorded; in 2020 there were seven and five in 2021.

The president added that the message that comes with the cup of coffee is also aimed at not driving while drunk, that they respect the speed limits, that when they see cyclists they slow down and keep the regulatory distance of 1.5 meters with the other road actors.

“The invitation is to have coffee, but you can also take these recommendations seriously, so that we can have safe and calm trips across the Atlantic”, Noguera added.

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This is how Puntos Seguros progresses

The Director of Traffic, Susana Cadavid, stated that this is not the first time that drivers of the Vía al Mar have been intervened, since in 2021 a strat exercise of aerobics and stretching to keep drivers awake, in alliance with Indeportes.

This, in parallel with driver education and the accompaniment of cyclists, which has been permanent in the Puntos Seguros, since its launch in 2020.

“For two years, cycling fans have taken the Atlantic routes to display this sport and, the influx is so great, that on weekends we receive up to a thousand cyclists at the Safe Points”, he said.


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