Colombian murdered in Chile and his brother fears that he will be buried as NN

Erbin Giovanny Galeano Rojas left Sopó (Cundinamarca) when he was 22 years old and a high school graduate. He traveled to Chile hoping to find work to give his six-year-old daughter a better future. When he arrived he worked in many jobs but after much effort he managed to work as a hotel manager and get his papers. He always wanted to be legal.

When his life was taking the desired course in the city of Valparaíso, one of the three most populated cities was the victim of a violent robbery last Sunday, February 6. “He was going to work for him. What they have told us is that the attackers were in a car, that he resisted and that is why they killed him with a shot to the chest and another to the leg. He was only 25 years old, he turned on January 17,” said Andrés Galeano, the victim’s brother.

He died alone in a country that was not his but in which all he did was work honestly. “My brother was a very good person, he was empathic, he endeared himself, he was spontaneous and what he set out to achieve was achieved. His dream was to help my mother and of course, his daughter.”

The family found out on Sunday. “A friend of my brother wrote to us: friend, I don’t have good news for you, his brother has just been admitted to a hospital. After 20 minutes they told us that he had not resisted and that he was no longer with us. They had already robbed him two more times,” Andrés said.

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The crime is under investigation but the fact that the young man died like this has made it difficult to repatriate the body. “First you have to release the body and then another procedure. They tell us that we only have five days to do the repatriation but that tells us 27 million pesos. We don’t have that money.”

Until now they have only received help from the mayor of Sopó, not monetary, but with the paperwork, trying to negotiate aid with the National Government, but so far there has been no solution to the problem. view. “The Government of Cundinamarca has not spoken and the Foreign Ministry asked us to file a letter and the only thing they tell us is that we have to wait.”

The family asks only to be able to bury their loved one on their land, next to the people who loved them the most.