Confirmed: There are approaches between Claudia López and the Petrismo

For a few days now, political circles in Bogotá have been in an uproar over an alleged meeting between the mayor Claudia López and the Colombia Humana’s presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro. Of course, this has caused surprise because until a couple of months ago there were clear differences and even the Petrista caucus in the City Council has been in opposition.

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But so far no one, neither from Petrismo nor from the District Administration have confirmed that said meeting has taken place. What is known is that there have been rapprochements and that the District Administration’s relations with Petro and people close to the leftist leader have improved.

In fact, the president herself told Caracol Televisión that she had entrusted her chief of staff – until recently Secretary of Government – ??to look for Petrismo and to tell them to “lower their guard.”

“I asked our new chief of staff, Luis Ernesto Gómez, to go and look for the friends of Petrism and tell them to lower their guard. This can’t be the level of pugnacity all the time. They and other options for change have a great chance of leading the country, but they have to lead it by inspiring the best, not the worst, of each one. If they promote pugnacity and hatred in the campaign, they will not be able to unite and govern, if they win. Please tell them that I’m ready, if on my part it’s also necessary to lower the tone, I’ll do it, but please let’s lower the tone. I sent him to that task and I know it went well for him, and here we go.

EL TIEMPO was able to confirm that these approaches have been taking place for several weeks and that this has led to a better understanding between the Bogotá mayor’s office and the candidate Gustavo Petro.

(There are 171 candidates after Bogotá’s 18 seats in the Chamber)

Luis Ernesto Gómez himself told this newspaper that “for a few weeks” there has been a “very constructive dialogue with different leaders of Human Colombia and Polo.”

The official explained that the interest of the district administration is “to improve government relations and coexistence in the city” and that is why the message has been “that they allow us to raise the level of debate and better process legitimate differences”.

And he added: “Also, that they allow us to have a more constructive dialogue when there are city processes where we have coincidences”.

It should be remembered that between the president and the presidential candidate of Colombia Humana and his supporters there were several moments of tension last year. The last ones had to do with the recusals and challenges to city councilors to prevent the discussion of the Territorial Ordering Plan (POT) project in the Council. The president punctually pointed to Petrism.

And before that the cause of the discord had been the support of some members of the Petrismo to the first line during the protests of the national strike.

Of course, these approaches have given rise to interpretations and that some politicians assure that they are non-aggression pacts that would seek electoral agreements in the future. One of those people is the Alianza Verde councilor Lucía Bastidas, who is close to the former mayor Enrique Peñalosa and today a presidential candidate and critic of the administration of Claudia López, who is also from the Greens.

“I told you a few weeks ago, there is a non-aggression pact. And then electoral agreements for the Presidency, that is what the advisers are in. Open your eyes, as in the last campaign @ClaudiaLopez will support @petrogustavo”, Lucía Bastidas tweeted in the last few hours.

But beyond the rapprochements, in political circles there has also been talk of alleged rapprochements between members of the Centro Esperanza coalition, of which the Alianza Verde is a part, and leaders of the Historical Covenant. However, this has not been confirmed by any of those political sectors.

It should be remembered that four years ago, Claudia López, who after being Sergio Fajardo’s vice-presidential formula, secondarily supported return of Gustavo Petro’s presidential candidacy. However, during the mayor’s campaign in Bogotá, she divided them by the immovable metro. Petro wanted López to support the underground metro, but today’s mayor played with the elevated project.