Coronavirus is the most horrible name of today, in the starting of month January 2020 we came to know with one of cruel disease of time name coronavirus that has killed 370 peoples, more than 17 thousand peoples have been infected out of which 4500 plus cases are in very serious condition. This virus has spread very rapidly in China and after that, it has infected 24 other countries too.

Scientists and doctors say that the origin of this severe disease in Wuhan city located in the west of China because maximum cases belong to the same place. But after Wuhan city, it started infecting all the other cities where the infected resident or traveler of Wuhan city went. As this virus has spread is air and affects your respiratory system so the sick person whenever inhale or exhale breath he/she would become a source of spreading the virus to other peoples.

Researches and study reveal that this is an animal disease and has caused by eating a bat, this has done due to worst eating manners of some Chinese, as they believe that human can eat everything which has four legs except table and chair. Some also suggest that probably a snake had eaten a bat and then one of the Chinese had eaten that snake too, as this virus that used to be found in animals now has transferred to humans.

People are scaring of this because no medication or any vaccine has made till yet for the recovery of infected peoples, Chinese are claiming that with the collaboration of some foreign doctors they have prepared its antidote which has been tested also, and nearly 500 patients are now responding better than earlier. The antidote has made by the combination of some HIV and fever medicines but how much it will be useful is still unclear. Read more that about this virus what WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION said.

Chinese government has responded to this situation very positively and their taken steps has appreciated even by WHO, as they have locked down their whole cities, providing all basic necessities of life to all their citizens, spraying and washing their cities in order to kill the germs, diagnosing every resident at different places and if found someone ill then they shift the suspected person to the quarantine. Symptoms of Coronavirus are that the infected person carries high body temperature, coughing or sneezing, flu, chest pain or any other respiratory disorder. Some cases have captured in footages that the infected person directly falls on the floor and witnesses extreme deadly shivering, on another hand in video nobody was trying to rescue such person instead.
Chinese people have made a separate hospital within just 8 days which has thousands of beds and wards for such patients, they have put all in isolation in order to save the remaining peoples from this cruel disease. All world including infected countries hoping that we all will become out of this circumstance soon.

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