Ways to Save World from CORONAVIRUS COVID-19

There are more than half a million people who have been infected by this severe infectious disease, more than one million are suspected cases whereas around 30 thousand people have died because of viral infection. COVID-19 is just like the normal flu in the early days and if proper necessary health measures are not taken by the individual then within 7 to 9 days it can badly affect someone’s lungs and respiratory system.

According to an American journal newsletter in the world, there are 3 ultimate ways to get rid of the circumstances:

Approach # one

Make the COVID-19 testing kits in billions and distribute them to the world’s community. It is the best option for the majority. The world strongly needs to make sure that there must not be a single person left with this disease, because he can put us in the same situation again as COVID-19 spreads very rapidly from one person to another.

Those who are already suffering should remain isolated with healthy public, and medically treated well in order to recover as early as possible. Upon these conditions we can defeat this virus otherwise it will infect or kill most of us. 

Approach # two

Let us leave on the basis of the immune system and go with the flow, those whose immunities are strong can fight and kill the virus will survive, but those whose antibodies are low will die must. In this way, we will lose our many precious people and it is the worst approach.    

Approach # three

It is necessary for World’s leaders to coordinate with each other first, make some strategies to fight the disease. It is a very systematic and organized plan. But cooperation of each country is mandatory to implement the decisions and to produce effective results.

In the past, we see many examples like this. Previously many times different diseases and disasters have seriously infected humanity but together we fought with Earthquakes, floods, storms, SAARC, early coronavirus type 1,2,3,4 and Tsunamis.