Cryptocurrencies that are growing in the shadow of Bitcoin recommended by experts

When investing in the cryptocurrency market it is very important to know how to choose in which currency we want to deposit part of our savings, and although the first option should always be Bitcoin, the truth is that there is a set of altcoins pretty juicy that could end up taking off over the next few weeks making hundreds of nouveaux riches.

And in his weekly report, the analyst Lark Davis wanted to include some altcoins that he considers will grow the most in the coming weeks and where it would be a good idea to invest part of the savings.

Among the altcoins that he recommends are some related to video games, and we also have others that are much better known such as Ethereum, Shiba Inu or Solana, among others.


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Regarding Ethereum, the second best-known digital currency on the market, he points out that it is experiencing an interesting rise after GameStop has partnered with the L2 Immutable X solution for the NFT market .

He also talks about the tireless Shiba Inu that has gained 75% in the last two weeks, after a fire has made the token advance quite a bit in recent days. In addition, the world’s first crypto record label Bigger Entertainment announced a Valentine’s event to burn 1 billion SHIB.

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Solana has just released the Phantom wallet iOS app and they have also announced an upcoming global hackathon that ensures short-term growth.

Polygon has announced a new integration with Drips for recurring payments and subscriptions as well as 450 million dollars in financing, along with the launch of Solace on the network.

Binance Coin is trending this week because its creators are the sponsors of the African Cup of Nations soccer tournament.

Regarding the game Axie Infinity which is based on collectible NFTs and much more, its token has skyrocketed in recent weeks when the reduction in supply was known.

As far as Gala Games is concerned, it has launched its first collectible card game called Legends Reborn along with an AMA for developers.