Cúcuta: Army Brigade 30 harassed with explosive devices

Through a statement, the 30 Brigade of the National Army reported that it was attacked with explosive devices in the early hours of this Monday, February 7.

“In a cowardly terrorist action that transgresses the provisions of international humanitarian law and violates human rights, the facilities of the military canton of San Jorge were attacked with explosive devices , in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander,” they point out.

According to reports, there were three explosive devices, which detonated on the hill called Nucleus 86 and in the lower part of the canton’s facilities. At the moment, there are no reports of damage to troops or facilities.

At this time, military operations continue to identify those responsible. However, according to preliminary information, the action would have been perpetrated by the ELN.

The military unit’s facilities and their surroundings are also being reviewed to rule out the presence of any artifact.

“This Command rejects this terrorist action that seeks to affect the tranquility of the inhabitants of the sector and in the next few hours the complaint will be filed with the Attorney General’s Office”, they point out in their statement.