Customize your multiscreen desktop and protect OLED monitors with the free Multiscreen Blank app

Configuring different monitors is very useful if we don’t want to be constantly changing the screen or we want to perform several tasks at the same time, such as playing while watching a series.

Multiscreen Blank is a free tool that allows you to do this quickly, without having to go through the Windows multiscreen setup menu.

The application comes in a file portable, and the folder is just under 300KB in size. You can download it from the following link.

This is asignificant update to the original Multiscreen Blank application, which has developed a small but loyal group of users.

The update brings a redone user interface, considerably more intuitive, and includes many new features requested by users over the years.

Some of the most common uses of this application are:

  • Turn off unused monitors in a multi-monitor setup to reduce distractions.
  • Turn off selectively target parts of a commercial video wall.
  • Dim one or more displays while continuing to use them.
  • Prevent OLED burnout by covering static bright elements or displaying inverted versions of them.
  • Mask parts of the screen by pixelating a floating screenshot.
  • Turn unused monitors into mood lights for video chats by blanking them with a white screen.
  • Screen mirroring for monitors that may be physically located in another room or turned off.
  • Fade out a projector during a presentation while changing slides.


It also has a Mirroring function, which shows the content of the current screen in a window that opens on the other monitor.

In this application, it is easy to use although not 100% adapted and improved (automatic execution commands are necessary), it is really useful for multitasking actions with a download weight, which, as we have mentioned before, is really low.