100 best cute cat names for males are:

Suggesting cute cat names for males will not be a bigger problem anymore

Have you bought a new kitten recently and worrying about naming your pet? Every year, many famous bloggers or writers release a huge list of cute cat names for males that based on new and identical titles suiting with the nature and qualities of your pet. Dogs and cats are considered good friends of humans, and both animals have capabilities to analyze the situation of the surroundings and emotions of a human. Several species of dogs and cats are available around us concerning their human-friendly behavior. Well, dogs are considered as the loyal one while cats are like to live their mood accordingly. And several times, it has witnessed that they can attack their owners as well when they do not feel right about anything do.

Are you looking for perfect and cute cat names for males in 2020th? It is a crucial job, but if you are a very responsible owner, you will pay undivided attention and time to find the cat’s best signature. Most of the peoples find it very problematic task when they purchase a new cat or dog, but by browsing on websites, they can explore a wide range of clever names and fantastic ideas about it.

100 best cute cat names for males are:

In this section, you can find the best and inspirational name for your kitten and adult cats. The following titles are extracted from various data. Remember one thing before giving them a name, and that is, it must reflect the nature of your pet, and they should respond to you whenever you call their name.

  1. Oliver
  2. Leo
  3. Milo
  4. Charlie
  5. Max
  6. Jack
  7. Sumba
  8. Loki
  9. Oscar
  10. Jasper
  11. Buddy
  12. Tiger
  13. Toby
  14. George
  15. Smokey
  16. Simon
  17. Tagger
  18. Ollie
  19. Louie
  20. Felix
  21. Dexter
  22. Shadow
  23. Finn
  24. Henry
  25. Kitty
  26. Oreo
  27. Gus
  28. Benxi
  29. Winston
  30. Sam
  31. Rocky
  32. Gizmo
  33. Sammy
  34. Jab
  35. Sebastian
  36. Blub
  37. Theo
  38. Beau
  39. Salem
  40. Chester
  41. Lucky
  42. Frankie
  43. Boots
  44. Cooper
  45. Thor
  46. Bear
  47. Romeo
  48. Teddy
  49. Bandit
  50. Zingy
  51. Apollo
  52. Pumpkin
  53. Boo
  54. Zeus
  55. Bob
  56. Tucker
  57. Jackson
  58. Tom
  59. Cosmo
  60. Bruce
  61. Murphy
  62. Buster
  63. Midnight
  64. Moose
  65. Merlin
  66. Frank
  67. Joey
  68. Thomas
  69. Harley
  70. Prince
  71. Archie
  72. Tommy
  73. Marley
  74. Dexter
  75. Casper
  76. Harry
  77. Benny
  78. Percy
  79. Bentley
  80. Jake
  81. Oozy
  82. Ash
  83. Sylvester
  84. Mickey
  85. Fred
  86. Walter
  87. Clyde
  88. Pepper
  89. Calvin
  90. Tux
  91. Stanley
  92. Garfield
  93. Louis
  94. Mowgli
  95. Mac
  96. Luke
  97. Sunny
  98. Duke
  99. Hobbes


Trending and common cute cat names for males

Usually, people evaluate the names for their cat from famous cartoon characters, novel persona, or from classical heritage characters. Like, “Luna” is the most popular cat name from all over the world. It is a Spanish word which means “moon”. Humans also name their children Luna specifically the fans of Harry Potter. Perhaps people also suggest the pet names based upon a combination of two or more words. Apart from Luna, the most common cat names for males and females are listed below:

  • Elvis
  • Limo
  • Otis
  • Cam
  • Sophie

The breed and personality of your pet play a vital role before giving a moniker. It is a helpful tip that you should go for a short and which could be pronounced easier and avoid moving for long names, it also might confuse your pet in the early days. Keep one thing in mind: your cat’s name must be attractive too whenever you call him/her outside the home or in public places.