Dark Souls online servers on PC will be down until the release of Elden Ring

If you are having trouble logging in to any edition of Dark Souls for PC don’t worry, it’s normal and you won’t be able to log in until the release of Elden Ring next 25 of February. This has been communicated by the Dark Souls official account in a reassuring statement for all users who cannot enjoy the online experience.

This has come after various reports from users that Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have taken into account. Thus, the distributor has decided to close the servers until it is known for sure what is happening and they fear that there will be a similar problem with the launch of Elden Ring.

As suspected, it appears that Elden Ring will have many security issues

Why have the Dark Souls servers been closed?

  • Apparently a security breach has been detected ??
  • This affects the three installments of the saga released on PC ?
  • At the moment no measures have been taken with the console versions ?
  • Both Bandai Namco and FromSoftware they have taken action on the matter ?
  • On Reddit they talk about the following ‘It is now possible to invade a PC with a code through Dark Souls 3 without permission‘ ??
  • The Verge echoed this news: It was discovered because a streamer was a victim of the hack while he was broadcasting live ???
  • The hacker tried to notify FromSoftware of the problem without success, so he devised a direct attack so that they would notice ???
  • The servers are not expected to open until the launch of Elden Ring ?
  • This affects the entire online service so users Players won’t be able to enjoy PvP ?
  • Obviously you won’t be able to summon allies to help us in battles either ?