Death on the Nile – Banned from the release of the film in Lebanon and Kuwait for the role of Gal Gadot

Do you remember the Murder on the Orient Express movie based on his homonymous novel? Well, it turns out that very soon we will have the sequel to this mystery story on the big screen, and it will be starring the impeccable Gal Gadot and the impeccable Kenneth Branagh!

Exactly, we are talking about Death on the Nile, and we remind you that the premiere of the feature film is scheduled for this same February 18 in our country. By the way, if you can’t wait to see the film and you want to get some guidance on its quality, we leave you the review of our Raquel Hernández Luján, who, as always, never disappoints with her texts.

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It seems pretty clear that, with Kenneth Branagh at the helm, masterfully adapting this great Agatha Christie novel from the 1930s, nothing can go wrong. .. or maybe yes?

Before we get pessimistic, we leave you with the new trailer for the feature film, so that you can get an idea of ??what you will find in the movie theater. What do you think of the director’s proposal?

Going back to the theme of pessimism, it seems that the film will not see the light of day in some countries, specifically, in Lebanon and Kuwait , as pointed out by our colleagues from 20 minutes. And what is the reason for this ban?

The figure of Gal Gadot, or rather, the relationship of his figure with Israel. Due to the controversy of the conflict with Palestine, it seems that they do not hold the actress in high esteem, who also served for 2 years in the Israel Defense Forces, something mandatory for every Israeli citizen. Of course, Gal Gadot has shown her discomfort with the suffering of the Palestinians, but…

It doesn’t seem like enough for the population of Lebanon and Kuwait, both of which are mostly Arab. They haven’t even considered screening the censored film, so they’ve decided to cut to the chase and prevent it from being released in any theater.

What do you think of these kinds of measures? Are they justified or should art be above all these conflicts? Leave us your opinions below in the comments section. Ains, I wish Wonder Woman really existed to safeguard peace on our planet.