Debate over power cut from Emcali to communications firm

The collection of Empresas Municipales de Cali (Emcali) refers to the bill of 18,999 million pesos for the use that the telecommunications company has made the infrastructure of the city.

On Sunday there was a suspension of service similar to that of January 18 until Telmex-Claro announced a partial payment of some 7,000 million.

Before the court on Sunday, this private company reported that it had made the payments sought by Emcali so that Caleños would not be left without Internet, but it reserves the right to take any legal and criminal action that may result. place to defend correct Internet access in the city.”

The Emcali Trade Union (USE) says that the measure is due to lack of payments.
On January 18, Emcali applied a power cut for an obligation of 18,999 million pesos for the use of public infrastructure. Then, Telmex-Claro paid 7,887 million to the accounts of the local entity.

On Sunday morning, the service was cut off again.

Claro, in a statement, he recalled that “he had made an agreement with Emcali so that the suspensions of power sources ceased and thereby guarantee internet service in the city. Despite this and the complaints filed by Claro, Emcali did not take into account the payment made by the company for about 8 billion pesos, and again, on Sunday, February 6, decided to disconnect Claro’s energy sources, and with it the Internet service.”

In this sense, Claro rejected “Emcali’s action of trying to take the Internet away from the city and press for the solution of a complaint to request a clarification that had been presented by Claro. Emcali has not given any adequate processing to Claro’s complaints and, on the contrary, is seeking to disconnect an essential service.”

President of the Union of Emcali (USE), José Roosevelt Lugo Cárdenas.

The president of the USE, José Roosevelt Lugo Cárdenas, asked “Emcali, as a public company, to act with verticality, using the tacit application of the Law and the norm and order as soon as possible the cut of the service to the Claro multinational for breach of the agreed payment agreement, it did in the last hours”.

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The union leader, who is lawyer, affirms that “there is no right that after they have used the city’s infrastructure without permission, now, in addition, they do not want to pay, for which I request the control bodies such as the Attorney General’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Comptroller General’s Office of the Nation, that they come out in defense of a company like Emcali, which is public property, and shield it from these acts.”

“We want to ask the Attorney General’s Office to review and investigate why previous administrations in Cali went from Get down on this case that today puts multimillion-dollar resources at risk for the company. Caleños deserve and need to know the hidden truth of the past with Claro”, reiterated Lugo Cárdenas.