Destiny 2: How to Complete Report – Relic Data

Tea Destiny 2 Briefing: Relic Data Quest can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re not that familiar with or clueless about the weapon patterns and resonance weapon systems introduced with the Witch Queen expansion. This guide will walk you through the three main steps you will need to complete.

As stated above, Report: Relic Data can be broken down into three key steps: getting the quest, getting the weapon patterns for Red Herring, likely suspect, and empirical evidence and then making them in the Relic.

Completing the report: Relic data Destiny 2 Witch Queen Quest

1. Get the report: Relic Data Search

To get the quest, you’ll need to go to the evidence board found in the Enclave in Throne World.

This is to the right of where you spawn when you travel to the location, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Report: The relic data requires you to craft three weapons using the relic. These are the following:

  • smokescreen
  • likely suspect
  • Empirical evidence

2. Get Weapon Patterns

To craft the weapons, you’ll need to find their patterns. To do this, you’ll need to get the deep vision resonance versions of those weapons, which are indicated by a red border on your character screen.

Red Herring, Likely Suspect, and Empirical Evidence are removed by completing activities in Savathun’s Throne World, so go ahead and start doing these different activities.

Keep in mind that the Deepsight Resonance versions seem to be a much rarer drop, so you’ll likely get the normal versions of the weapons a few times first, unless you’re really lucky.

Some of the activities you could do include taking on the Legendary Witch Queen campaign as you will get more and better items compared to the normal campaign. Public Events and Lost Sectors are also worth completing, as is The Wellspring: Defend Offensive Activity found on the right side of the Throne World map.

Once you have acquired the Deepsight Resonance versions, you will simply need to use them to complete your ‘Attunement Progress’. At 100%, you can select the weapon, press Triangle/Y to go to ‘Details’ and then choose the ‘Android Item’ option under ‘Weapon Mods’.

This will make it a standard version of that weapon, but doing so will also unlock the pattern for that weapon.

You can check the currently unlocked ‘Weapon Patterns’ in Destiny 2 Witch Queen by going to ‘Triumphs’, then ‘Patterns and Catalysts’ and scrolling through the different weapon types to see which ones you have unlocked.

3. Crafting red herrings, possible suspects, and empirical evidence with the relic

The final step you’ll need to take is crafting the Red Herring, Likely Suspect, and Empirical Evidence weapons for the Destiny 2 Report: Relic Data Quest. Follow the steps below to complete the quest:

  • Go to the relic found in Throne World and press Square/X to interact with it.This is the large, strange-looking machine you interacted with near the start of the campaign.

    destiny 2 relic data quest guide report

  • Select ‘Form’ and then select ‘Red herring’, ‘Likely suspect’ or ‘Empirical evidence’ on the Patterns and catalysts screen.
  • Go through and complete the crafting process. As long as you have the necessary resources, you can select the weapon and hold X/A to ‘Shape’ or craft the weapon.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Report: Relic Data in Destiny 2 Witch Queen. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki, or check out more of our coverage of Bungie’s ever-popular shooter below.