Destiny 2 Witch Queen Boar Error Code – What It Means & How To Fix It

Destiny 2 Witch Queen is finally here and brings many additions to the game, including a new campaign, more gameplay mechanics and features, and of course more gear. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues trying to immerse themselves in the new content. Here is how to fix the boar error code in Destiny 2 Witch Queenalong with what it means.

How to fix boar error code in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Region mismatch

One of the reasons the error code seems to occur is that the region does not match between the account a player is using and the Destiny 2 game, which means the account and game may be from different regions.

These are the steps you need to take to fix the boar error code if the region mismatch is an issue:

  • Before starting the game, please create a new account.
  • Make sure the region of the new account is the same as the region of the game.
  • Launch Destiny and download any necessary updates to the game.
  • Sign out of this new account, and then switch back to your original account.
  • Launch Destiny one last time.

Sharing a network console

Another cause of the boar error code is console sharing. The error may appear if more than two consoles using the same account try to connect to Destiny at the same time.

PlayStation Support and Xbox Support have steps you can take on how to disconnect your account from certain systems.

Reinstalling Destiny 2

The most basic solution to this error is to do the classic uninstall and then reinstall. You can try this if the other options don’t seem to work.

These troubleshooting steps come directly from Bungie’s help page on their site, so should work if you’ve run into this specific error.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix boar error code in Destiny 2 Witch Queen. If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and other information on the expansion, you can check out our Witch Queen wiki.

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