Destiny 2 Witch Queen Power Caps: What are the new soft, hard and pinnacle power cap levels

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen has arrived, bringing with it new campaign content, new locations in Savath√Ľn’s Throne World, and of course, more enemies to kill and gear to buff. On top of all that, you can expect new Destiny 2 Witch Queen Power Caps, increasing the new Soft, Hard, and Pinnacle levels Guardians can reach by using gear in various activities around the world. So, without further ado, let’s go over these new power limits.

All new power caps in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Bungie has been continually raising the power cap in Destiny 2 with each new season and major expansion, and The Witch Queen unsurprisingly continues that trend, giving seasoned fans some fresh numbers to blast their way through. Here are the new soft, hard, and pinnacle power caps in The Witch Queen:

  • Paperback: 1500
  • hardcover: 1550
  • Cape Pinnacle: 1560

Since most players will start Witch Queen at 1350, there’s a lot of work ahead if you want to hit those different power caps.

For those who need a reminder of how they can reach each of the different caps, the soft cap can be reached by simply playing the game and earning weapons and armor by completing various activities or the campaign.

The Hard Cap can only be achieved by earning powerful rewards. These are guaranteed to increase your current power cap and can be earned through Exotic and Prime Engrams, Exotic Quests, Trials of Osiris, Season Pass Drops, and by completing different playlist activities such as Strikes, the Crucible, and the gambit

Finally, the Pinnacle Power Cap can only be achieved by earning Pinnacle rewards by completing specific in-game activities, such as raids, seasonal events, getting seven wins or a flawless card in Trials of Osiris, or completing certain bounties and Nightfalls. .

There you have everything you need to know about the new Destiny 2 Witch Queen Power Limits. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our Witch Queen wiki, or check out more of our coverage of the game below.