Did GTA Trilogy seem like a flop to you? For Take-Two, of course, it has not been in sales

What did you think of GTA Trilogy? I’m going to give you my honest opinion, but you should keep in mind that I haven’t played yet. That is why I will not talk about bugs, which obviously exist and it is clear that a game should not turn out this bad technically. However, I am very happy that these three masterpieces have been remastered and, as for the artistic section and how it looks, I think they are very good remasters (I insist, just talking about how they are ve).

This is how the development of GTA 6 has been influenced by the failure of the GTA Trilogy, according to Rockstar

I know that many say that the game is very ugly and so on, but for me it looks very good and I like it a lot, because it is exactly what is halfway between remastering and remake. But going back to the issue of bugs, it is clear that GTA Trilogy has been a failure. Well, it has been a technical failure, because it is obvious that in numbers it has been wonderful, exceeding anyone’s expectations.

The smash-hit of GTA Trilogy that even surprises me

It has been the VGC portal that has collected and shared the information that I am going to talk about now. It’s about the massive sales of GTA Trilogy:

    • there has been reported the

overwhelming number that GTA V has already reached, surpassing many sagas


  • But focusing on the trilogy, it turns out that they have surpassed the 10 million sales ?
  • This, for those who are not very into figures, is a real outrage ?
  • In fact, it has managed to exceed the expectations of Take-Two, its parent company, as stated in VGC ?

What I find also striking about the figure is that it must be taken into account that some of the games in the trilogy were on Xbox Game Pass or PS Now, surely causing the sales figure hasn’t been older yet. Of course, these data are surprising given the bugs in GTA Trilogy that they are still trying to fix.