Did you like Wordle? well here you have Nerdle, a similar version for math fans

The name may be a little flashy, but it’s certainly just as fun and addictive as its older brother. We have already seen similar versions of Wordle but on different themes. However, this one, as you can see, has nothing to do with it and is a real challenge.

It may seem complicated, but it is not excessively so. We are talking about operations that are simple and that do not go beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.Even if math is complicated, you can solve the daily riddle.

Although it is true that there are occasions that can get out of hand. Richard Mann, data scientist, physicist and one of the creators of Nerdle, finds it challenging at times. However, Wordle sometimes annoys us with words taken from old Spanish.

How does it work? Well, simple, just like Wordle but with different colors. If you guess correctly and your space lights up green, you have the correct piece in the correct place. If it glows purple, it’s there, but in the wrong place. If it’s black, it’s not.

As with Wordle, you have six tries, but there are eight spaces to work on and you have a keyboard full of numbers and basic math symbols. Just like in Wordle you can’t add made up words. the correct answer (as well as your guesses) must be mathematically correct.

And there’s more. There will always be an equals sign, but the number to its right will be just a number, not another calculation. Access their website and try the game from the following link.

There is one more important note. The order does matter. As the Nerdle folks say in the rules, “If the answer we’re looking for is 10+20=30, then 20+10=30 isn’t close enough.”

As with Wordle, you can share your result daily on Twitter and it is true that the status it generates is somewhat higher than with the other versions. The image will show the progress until the result is achieved, but the numbers will not be seen so that the rest of the users play on their own.

It is somewhat more complicated, so solving it in two or three attempts is almost impossible.