Differences between the Boba Fett of Legends and the canon of Star Wars

The series The Book of Boba Fett may have become something very different in its last two episodes, but it has shed light on a great mystery. That mystery is none other than that of the main character himself, characterized by Temuera Morrison. A risk that has led Star Wars to connect this project with The Mandalorian in an amazing “microverse”.

The lights in the shadows that we have seen with this story is the one about how he was able to escape from the guts of the Sarlacc. Before The Mandalorian, the last time we saw Boba Fett was being gobbled up by a Tatooine desert worm, in true Dune style. This happened in Episode VI, but how did she survive? How did he get out of that monster alive and get back to normal?

The first episodes of The Book of Boba Fett focused on telling us this story, while also developing the character in the present. A fragmented montage, which made swings from the present to the past, were clearing up the unknowns of the mystery that this character has always been. Although many fans were never convinced.

The truth is that the series suffered from two diseases. The first of them was that of the aforementioned fragmented montage. That irregular history in the forms made the viewer not know exactly what series he was watching. Was it about Boba Fett establishing her criminal empire on Tatooine, or telling us about her relationship with the Tuskens? What is all this really about?

The second illness that appeased the narrative is, precisely, that of the mystery that we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Boba Fett has always been a character who moves better in the shadows, eliciting questions and whispers on the sly, than under the spotlight that Star Wars has brought to Disney+.

When revealing information about a character that it is better the less is known about him, the more mysterious it is, the bounty hunter was in danger of “falling” for many followers. And that is exactly what has happened. Not to mention that the influence of The Mandalorian and all his mythology have ended up ripping him out of the collective imagination.

However, has Boba Fett always been like this? Was this the story the bounty hunter had before Disney took control of Star Wars? Absolutely. The anti-heroic character was very different from what we have been shown in his series. And we say “was,” because it’s no longer part of the Star Wars canon. His story ceased to exist at the time it was renamed Legends.

In this post we invite you to discover the personality that Boba Fett from Legends had in the old canon of StarWars. A personality that he has barely preserved in his new reinterpretation, although he has maintained the aesthetics and certain behaviors. If you’re up for it, here we go with some legends from this galaxy far, far away!

The two key attributes to understanding Boba Fett from Legends they were ingenuity and cunning.This is something that made Darth Vader himself consider him “the best bounty hunter” in the saga of Star Wars. This is something that does not seem to have shone considerably in the Disney+ series, since we have had a much more rudimentary and primitive version.

The series The Book of Boba Fett has shown the protagonist as a true survivor. But he has done it more because of his own survival structure than because he is a smart and cunning guy. He is more of a chameleon than anything else, he is able to blend into any environment for the sole purpose of survival. It has nothing to do, in that sense, with the decanonized version.

On the other hand, in Legends we were shown a facet of Boba Fett that we have seen in the series. We are talking about the sense of justice and the code of honor that the bounty hunter forges over the years. Strict moral obligations, from which he does not contemplate detaching himself, despite doing “justice” in his own way. A way that tends to be violent and somewhat brutal.

The Star Wars series on Disney+ is installed in a similar space. We have seen a guy with a pre-established moral code, willing to change things on Tatooine so that no more injustices are committed. He is a criminal, yes. A leader of the desert underworld who is willing to do (almost) anything to establish himself as the “daimyo” of the region. Of course, without crossing certain invisible moral barriers.

On the other hand, the animosity towards the Jedi that emerged at the moment that Mace Windu cut off his father’s head does not seem to be so palpable in this new version. His “only” recent contact has been with Grogu and, though he’s just a baby, he wasn’t exactly short-tempered with him. He does not seem to have forged an intrinsic and tangible hatred, although the figure of the father of him killed is still there.

In terms of physical appearance, armor, scars and weapons have been largely respected . However, the most obvious change for any Boba Fett lover from Legends is the use of the helmet. In old Star Wars canon he used the helmet for pretty much everything. In fact, there were very few who knew his true identity and even fewer who knew of his past.

Also, he was a considerably skinny guy and not at all muscular. He used his abilities in battle with the intelligence and cunning we have mentioned, being more useful the better he planned things. Something that, obviously, collides with the version of The Book of Boba Fett. This one is more “muscular”, rougher and rougher than the one in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe.