Disney + exceeds its expectations reaching close to 130 million subscribers in 2021

Last November 12, 2021, it was 2 years since the birth of Disney Plus, the streaming service of the House of Mouse that joined the ‘streaming war’ along with giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO.

Despite being the newest great service (not counting HBO Max), Disney Plus has gained subscriptions by leaps and bounds in its short life, even in the quarters in those that have not met expectations.

With series like The Mandalorian, Scarlet Witch and Vision, movies like Hamilton, Soul or Luca, Disney Plus has been expanding its catalog, already interesting with the immense number of classics that are in the possession of Disney.

According to Variety, Disney Plus has exceeded expectations for the last fiscal quarter, ending in January 2022, standing at 129, 8 million subscribers worldwide.

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The platform ended 2020 with 94.9 million subscribers, which implies a growth of 37% throughout 2021.

In addition, for the first time, Disney Plus has revealed the number of subscribers by region for the platform, although they could have been much more specific.

Of the 129.8 million subscribers, 42.9 million are from the US and Canada, 41.1 million from international territories (including Europe and Latin America) and 45.9 million subscribers in the area covered by Disney+ Hotstar, which includes India and many countries in Southeast Asia.

With series from Marvel and Star Wars arriving little Little by little to the Disney Plus catalog throughout this 2022, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, who arrives on May 25 or Moon Knight, who will do the same on March 30, it is very possible that the number will continue to increase. p>

Did you imagine that Disney Plus would succeed so quickly when the House of Mouse streaming service was announced years ago?