Do you have a euro? Great, with it you can print for a month with HP Instant Ink

You think printing is expensive, but the truth is that thanks to HP Instant Ink you can print for a whole month for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, thanks to its occasional printing plan, which is priced at only 0.99 euros. Yes, you read that right, you can print for a month for less than one euro.

Before the advent of HP Instant Ink, printing could be very expensive, we can’t argue with that. Think, for example, of the economic effort you had to make every time the cartridges ran out and you had to go to the store to buy a new pack. Depending on the printer model you used, the cost of the new cartridges could range from a few tens of euros to over a hundred euros.

Yes, the selling price of ink cartridges has always been an issue, along with the cost of ink. We always tried to spend as little ink as possible, because it was the only way to make the cartridges last longer, and not have to go through the checkout again and pay another bill for a new pack of cartridges.

That meant that, in the end, we never really enjoyed our printer. Think about it, how many times have you wanted to print a photo because you didn’t waste ink? In the end, all the problems surrounding ink cartridges prevented us from truly enjoying our printer, imposed limitations that we had to accept if we didn’t want to spend hundreds of euros on ink, and this took us , in many cases, to experience very uncomfortable situations.

HP Instant Ink allows you to print freely for less than one euro

And without any conditions, that is, you can print in black and white or in color, and with totally professional quality, for less than one euro, thanks to the sporadic printing plan. This plan maintains all the benefits of HP Instant Ink, and does not carry any type of commitment. This is what it includes:

  • Ten pages per month, which we can print in color or black and white, and with the quality we want.
  • As much ink as we need to print those pages.
  • Automated orders. The printer will control, for us, the ink levels, and will request new cartridges when it detects that the ones we are using are about to run out. We’ll never run out of ink again.
  • Home service. We will receive all the ink cartridges at the door of the house, and without shipping costs. We won’t have to do anything, nor waste time going out to buy ink again.
  • We will be able to recycle all the ink cartridges that we spend through the recycling program included, and without any type of cost.

With HP Instant Ink you can not only print 10 pages a month for less than one euro, but you can reconcile with your printer and print them however you want. Spending more ink will not make you have to pay more money, which means that if you print, for example, ten color photos and with the highest quality, your quota will not change.

On the other hand, thanks to the automated and home service, the ink will no longer be a burden. No more having to waste time comparing prices, looking for stores where they have cartridges compatible with your printer and traveling to pick them up. You will always have original HP ink at home.

HP Instant Ink does not impose any kind of commitment or demand on you

It is something that we must take into account. This service does not require anything from us, despite all the advantages it offers us. This means that there is no permanence commitment, and that we will not have any problem if we want to change plans, or if at any time we decide, for any reason, to unsubscribe for a while.

What does this mean for me, as a user? Well, first of all, it implies that you can change your plan as many times as you want, both up and down. Imagine, for example, that you start with the 10 pages per month printing plan, but your printing needs grow and you decide to switch to the 50 pages per month printing plan. You will be able to make the change online through of your customer account in just a few seconds, and indicate that it has immediate effects.

This ability to change plans will allow you to adapt your subscription in real time to your printing needs, and enjoy an optimal experience at all times. But this is not all, as we have said, with HP Instant Ink you can also unsubscribe, and re-register at any time. It’s very easy, since the process is also done online, in seconds and without explanations.

Please note that if you unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink, your service-linked cartridges will no longer work, but you can continue to use the printer with a standard cartridge pack. Your printer will continue to function as normal, so you will have nothing to worry about. Well, actually yes, if you unsubscribe you will have to deal with the classic problems of buying ink cartridges. Surely once you try HP Instant Ink you won’t want to go back to the past.