Do you have something you no longer play with? Sell ??it and earn an extra €10 to spend on whatever you want

If you’re hoarding games you haven’t played in years, bought one and realized it wasn’t as good as you thought, or want to buy a next-gen console and need a little extra cash, then keep going! reading!

Only for this week and until February 14, in Eneba you can sell everything you no longer play with and you will get a €10 bonus for your first sale.

Recommendation: List your product during the promo even if you sell it 1 month later if it is your first sale, you will have that extra €10.

Create your ad in less than two minutes

Creating the ad and taking the money will take very little time, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the site from here or from the mobile APP
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Upload some good photos of the product with a brief description
  • And that’s it, the ad will be ready so that someone can buy your stuff

Are you ready to start selling and getting rich like these pirates? So do it now!

You may wonder what you can sell. Man, you’ll find a buyer for anything. In addition, since Eneba does not charge commissions, you will receive the money for which you want to sell your things. You can sell:

  • Games for all platforms
  • Gaming towers and laptops
  • PC components such as memory or graphics cards
  • Accessories such as PC keyboards, mice, controllers, monitors and more

Sell your consoles at the price you want

If you want to jump to the next generation and play on your new PS5 in Horizon Forbidden West next week or the new Uncharted, then you’ll be happy to know that you can sell your second-hand PS4, your second-hand Nintendo Switch or any retro console that you have hanging around the house.

Enter to see all the consoles that are already listed and sell yours!