Do you want to get rid of commercial soft drinks? This natural carbonated soft drink has no calories, and is easy to prepare

Almost everyone drinks acommercial soft drinkfrom time to time. There are even people addicted to them, who consume several throughout the day.

Brands do not hesitate to create light, zero variants >, sugar-free, which try to convey the idea that they are healthy, or have few calories.

Nothing is further from the reality. Standard carbonated soft drinks have a lot of calories, and light or derivatives, chemical substances to sweeten them. What alternatives do we have?

A lot of people drink soda… for the bubbles. They are very pleasant to the palate and, especially when it is hot, the sensation of relief is greater than with a drink without bubbles.

You don’t have to give it up to prepare a cheap and calorie-free natural carbonated soft drink, which can be an alternative to commercial soft drinks that we all consume.

Or also to get rid of other drinks you drink during meals, such as wine or sugary juices.

To prepare this naturally carbonated soft drink, you only need these ingredients :

  • Sparkling water
  • Lemons
  • Ginger root

These are very cheap and easy ingredients to get.

You can buy sparkling water as it is in the supermarket, or you can even prepare it yourself at home. Take a look at this card:

Systems to gasify and create your own sparkling water at home

Although nothing prevents you from preparing a liter of natural soda, it is best to prepare it glass by glass, when you go to drink it.

It’s as simple as filling a glass of sparkling water, squeezing half a lemon, and adding a little grated ginger root. Give it a little stir and let sit for a minute or two.

You may need to try two or three times, until you get a combination of lemon and ginger that suits your tastes.

The lemon adds an acid touch to the water, and the ginger a spicy touch. The mixture achieves a natural soft drink without calories, with a pleasant taste. If you get used to it, it is much healthier than a commercial carbonated soft drink.

Do you dare to try it?