Doctor Strange 2 is more Sam Raimi than Marvel according to Benedict Cumberbatch: new image

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the next film from Marvel Studios to hit theaters, is giving a lot to talk about as a result of the second trailer released a just a couple of days, a new advance that discovered a few more surprises of the many that are yet to come with its premiere next May 6. So much so, that in a recent interview with Empire magazine, the actor Benedict Cumberbatch has assured that his viewing will “make our heads spin”, adding that the film it is more Sam Raimi than Marvel Studios, thus anticipating a change in tone that can already be sensed in the different previews.

Marvel’s multiverse fully unleashed

And it is that after the departure of the director of the first installment of Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch assures that Sam Raimi made the project totally his own, impregnating the new direction of the film with his unmistakable style: “ Once he took over the project, he always tried to turn it into a Sam Raimi movie,” making it much more his style than what Marvel Studios has us used to.

To all this he adds that when we have the opportunity to see it “it will make our heads spin”. Of course, Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse points out that he will mark a before and after in the UCM, becoming a turning point with the opening of new characters and universes that will inevitably collide. And as proof of that surprising cameo of a key character of the mutants…

Together with the interview, Empire has published a new image of the film that you can see on these lines and in which we see three of its main protagonists, that is, Doctor Strange and Wong together with America Chávez, one of the characters from the multiverse who will debut in Raimi’s film.

As a curiosity, recently conceptual art appeared for Spider-Man: No Way Home in which the young America Chávez was already shown making mischief with the portals between universes, although it was finally discarded his presence in the arachnid crossover from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

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