Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle will receive a Spanish translation; official statement

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle, the most successful mobile video game in the history of the saga, will receive an update with Spanish translation and German. The title information for iOS and Android, confirmed at the end of the broadcast of the second day of the Dragon Battle Hour 2022 event, occurs seven years after the original release of the title, just on the occasion of the event focused on the Saiyan universe; about which we have had several news both in movies and in video games.

To date, Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle was only translated into English, Japanese, Korean, and French. In this way, two more languages ??are added within the most widely spoken in the West; waiting to see if at some point other languages ??such as Italian or Portuguese are supported. According to the information (minute 8:11:23), it will be sometime in 2022 when this update arrives with new languages.Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle

How important is Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Bandai Namco?

The role of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in Bandai Namco’s strategy on mobile devices is of paramount importance. Beyond its success in downloads, this puzzle and card RPG has totaled more than 3,000 million dollars in collection worldwide since its premiere in 2015 (via SensorTower). To understand its impact a little better, suffice it to say that it is the thirteenth highest-earning mobile video game in history; at the level of Genshin Impact or Clash Royale, according to their latest official reports.

In addition to continued, its success was early. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle only needed twenty months to reach 1,000 million dollars raised between the App Store and Google Play. The barrier of 2,000 million dollars was knocked down in 2019. Within the Puzzle RPG genre, it was the third with the highest volume of income adding both digital stores in 2021; behind only Monster Strike and Puzzles & Dragons, whose role in Asia is impressive.

Japan is the country where Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is played the most, with 1.8 billion dollars raised from the total (60% of all revenues); second, the United States; finally, the third territory where the title is invested the most is France, a country where the name Dragon Ball is deeply rooted.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is available on iOS and Android for free under a free-to-play business model; includes microtransactions, in-app purchases between €0.99 and €44.99. You need to have iOS 11 and Android 4.4 or higher to play.

Font | via Bandai Namco Entertainment America (minute 8:11:23)