Dragon Ball returns to Spain – The original anime series will be broadcast on television again thanks to Comedy Central

What a bombshell from Dragon Ball we have found ourselves today! We had already been warning that something similar could happen, especially with the interest that a certain television network has shown in the work of Akira Toriyama in recent times…

As You know, Comedy Central aired the three new Dragon Ball movies in marathon format a few days ago. It was a real show that hundreds of Spanish fans enjoyed live. It is not every day that one can enjoy The Battle of the Gods, The Resurrection of Frieza and Dragon Ball Super Broly on television! !

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The fact is that Comedy Central made it possible, and not only that, it broadcast the three feature films without any type of censorship. What’s more, it was animated by the extended version of Battle of Gods, something that had never happened on our television!

In the past, Boing also aired this movie, but neither from afar it was animated with the extended version. It is clear that Comedy Central has done its homework very well, but it is not content simply to pass, this chain wants to get an honors degree, and it is going to get it.

How come Comedy Central is going to get an honors degree? Well yes, not in vain… They are going to broadcast the original Dragon Ball series in Spanish! Yes, the first episodes of Dragon Ball! This hadn’t happened for many, many years, since that nostalgic broadcast on Cuatro!

A few hours ago we’ve been able to see the new promotional announcement for all its series and… You can see in the capture we have made, Dragon Ball will be present in the new grid of the channel! We leave you with the historical image of the announcement just below (and beware, they already warn that the series is for people over 18, so they will surely broadcast it without censorship).

It seems incredible, but if they broadcast it without censorship and in Spanish, it will be the first time that we see the series in these conditions on a television channel in our country (in other languages ??and Autonomous Communities they have had more luck in the past). What do you think of this bombshell?

We say goodbye for today, very excited about this good news and waiting to find out when the first episodes will be broadcast on Comedy Central. Kai, Kai!