Dragon Ball Z chapter 156 – Analysis and curiosities

Like every Sunday, here we are once again to analyze a new episode of Dragon Ball Z, the famous series ofSon Goku and his friends. For you, is this also the best stage of this work by Akira Toriyama?

Some believe that all the episodes of this series are wonderful, but nothing is further from the truth. In fact, we already told you that the episode that we have to analyze today, 156, is one of the worst we have come across.

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But first of all, let’s put ourselves in situation. In the previous episode, we saw how Vegeta and Trunks, who had already completed their special training in the room of spirit and time, appeared before Cell > (second form).

As it could not be otherwise, Vegeta took the lead and became a higher level than the conventional Super Saiyan. We are facing the birth of a super powerful saiyan!

In fact, the chapter ended with a beastly punch from Vegeta in the pit of Cell’s stomach. And this is exactly how this new episode starts, while Trunks sees the show in the distance.

From the outset we see that the quality of this chapter is far from what we saw in the previous one, with a very, very Vegeta less imposing as we will see later. All the visual power of his transformation in episode 155 is thrown away in this new chapter.


And not only that, we hardly see the plot advance during the 20 minutes, something that greatly hampers the rhythm of the series (an evil that we already highlighted ta also, negatively, in the previous chapter). A pity that these episodes in which everything gets more interesting are so poorly executed.

While we see how Vegeta plays with Cell, the episode takes us to the training of Gohan and Goku . The little boy tries to transform into Super Saiyan first, but his father tells him that increasing his energy is not enough.


You should think into something that unleashes all his rage.In this way, Gohan begins to remember all the losses they suffered in Namek fr We enter Freezer, with a good session of recycled images that, once again, weigh down the rhythm of the chapter.

Finally we see how Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan, for a few seconds , with a very unique image. Having such long hair… it looks like he’s transformed into a Super Saiyan 3! We leave you with the image:


Continuing with the fighting on the islands, Cell decides to unleash his full power, since Vegeta is overtaking him from the right. The light generated by the monster is interesting, modifying the color palette of the characters on the screen.

Just below you can see these new greenish and dark tones that plague the scene. It lasts only a few seconds but it is the most remarkable, as well as…


The punch that Cell hits Vegeta after charging all his energy! Would it have been enough to finish off the saiyan?

Not at all, au Although yes, he manages to make Prince Vegeta bleed, something that brings a smile to the Saiyan’s face. He has let him hit him with all his might and not even for those reasons does Cell pose a danger.


Next, Vegeta strikes the franchise’s cursed pose, if a character holds their thumb up and directs it at their face, it’s clear they’re into it. awaits a fatal fate.

Indeed, this is the moment in which the Saiyan claims to have become Super Vegeta, a super powerful being (although very poorly drawn, by the way). Will Cell be able to defeat him?



1- One of the most curious scenes we have in the filler of the episode, Trunks remembers the hell that meant training c with his father, Vegeta’s inner rage metaphorically unfolding like blazing flames.

In addition, we also see how the environment goes from Vegeta’s hell to Trunks’s frozen wasteland, symbolizing the coldness that the Saiyan harbors towards his father’s relationship, the great emptiness inside him. All this does not appear in the manga, but it is very interesting how the representation of his emotional states is projected on the stage of the room of spirit and time.


2- Lo We have commented throughout the analysis, but it is very curious how the graphic quality of this episode is far from that of the previous one. We appreciate this very clearly in Vegeta’s design, going from an imposing Saiyan to a ridiculously drawn little character.

Below we leave you with one of the screenshots where we see an abysmal difference between this Super Vegeta and the previous one. It seems that Dragon Ball Super is not the only series with bad drawings, right?


And this It’s been everything! What did you think of this episode of Dragon Ball Z? Do you approve or suspend it like we did?

Po It’s true, tomorrow we’ll be back with a new Z installment at Hobby Consoles, like every day. Kai, Kai!