Dying Light 2 adds a backup system for saved games

The infected in Dying Light 2: Stay Human have arrived biting, but with a bug between their teeth. Since the launch of the video game, Techland has worked to find solutions to the many problems that players have been detecting. As a result of this, the Polish studio has just announced a security system for saved games, a new functionality that is added through a new patch and that is already available on PC (later on). consoles).

“The Backup Save system is an ingame feature that allows you to load a save from a previous main story progress,” they explain in a tweet. “Going back will revert the state of the game from the Backup save”. According to Techland, you unlock new saves as you progress through the main story. Unlike other open world titles, Dying Light 2 does not include the ability to make manual saves, so the game automatically saves the game depending on the circumstances.

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Death-Loop bug solved

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Another problem that has been solved with the new update is the bug known as death-loop, which occurs when you die and reappear in a place far away from the mission, so that it is impossible return to the area on time. This results in a continuous death and resurrection of the protagonist.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is not out on Nintendo Switch yet, but it’s out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Techland has reported that the company’s intention is to continue offering content for the game for at least five years. In fact, the title will receive paid content in the future.

The first free DLC can be claimed on all platforms and includes an item pack inspired by The Peacekeepers, one of the main factions in the game.

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