Dying Light 2 details the content of the priority patches, putting the focus on cooperative, flickering on PS5 or trophies

Dying Light 2 will have more patches this week, Techland has confirmed. The study will focus on solving various aspects such as cooperative, flickering on PS5 or trophies.

At the moment, and through the game’s Twitter account, some have already commented hotfixes for Dying Light 2. With this tweet, they announced that they were adding them this weekend and that they will continue during these days.

We have added some hotfixes over the weekend and will continue to add more in the coming days“, could be read in the tweet. “Thank you for your incredible support and patience“.

These new patches are here to improve the gaming experience little by little. If you were experiencing any bugs or mission issues, then this is for you.

First they discussed the Dying Light 2 PC versions via Steam and EGS. Some like crash fixes, DLSS improvements, and black screens are ready.

Others, like visual bugs, in-game death spirals from bugs, and more, are in the works. . Below you can see the tweet with all the details.

The case of PlayStation and Xbox is even bigger, they already have many solutions ready. In the middle of this week they will be adding these improvements to the game.

In PS4/PS5 they have already solved connection stability failures, bugs that close the game, disconnections during cooperative, AI immortality, etc.

By the way, they have made various visual adjustments to this AI, optimized the game for flickering on PS5 and more. Check out the rest in his tweet.

On Xbox it will be similar, just a little different. It will now be playable at 60+FPS in VRR mode for Xbox Series X along with other PlayStation-like improvements.

Again, the patch will arrive in the middle of this week and errors have been reported on all Dying Light 2 platforms.

We leave you with the tweet detailing the changes that will come to Xbox consoles and the next ones that are yet to come. to come in the future.

On the other hand, the lead designer of Dying Light 2, Tymon Smekta?a, has shared some more of these patches. “The co-op issues that have been requested so much; we are fixing them ourselves and talking to partners (epic/ms/sony) to unclog servers.

PS5 flickering will be patched soon -no date- will be fixed using a different mode.” Lastly, he talks about the trophies and their arrangement, although some of them will be lost after applying the patch.

Buttons to interact missing, as in NPCs, it is not usual and it is being worked on, solve by asking for help“.

As for the FOV and Motion Blur settings, it will be added as well as it says, but they still have to coordinate the release.


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Dying Light 2 arrived last week and here we leave you his analysis of what we said: “A great role-playing game, which is committed to a very care, unique navigation and combat mechanics, and a terrifying setting.

Dying Light 2 is a colossal game that will become a reference in the genre, in terms of the decisions of the player. player“.

A release that has swept Steam with more than 200,000 players and had a very large release patch.

And you, have you Have you played Dying Light 2 or are you currently?