Dying Light 2 has a secret weapon that allows you to kill by shooting with… your finger?

I have Dying Light 2 purchased and gathering virtual dust in my Steam library; is installed, but I haven’t been able to start it yet. The reason? I was going to play it with the colleague with whom I spent the first one, but he has screwed up his arm by slipping in an extremely absurd way playing paddle tennis. Who was going to tell me that a sport that I have not practiced in my life was going to cause me to have to wait too long to try one of the games for which I have the most hype this year.

Be that as it may, the latter has made me avoid any possible detail about Dying Light 2, no matter how small. But the fact is that I couldn’t avoid running into one on the internet that has caught my attention to levels that border on madness because of how surreal it is:

  • The companions of the Kotaku portal echoed hours ago a new Dying Light 2 easter egg
  • This consists of some plans for a secret weapon that can become the most powerful in the game
  • Here comes the absurdity: the weapon is that we can shoot with our bare hands
  • Next, I leave you with a video of the user Asheswolf on Youtube so you can see how it is achieved:

What do you think? Bearing in mind that the first game was full of all kinds of Easter eggs, it wouldn’t surprise me if the community of Dying Light 2 players gradually uncovered all its secrets. And my goodness, what I would give to be already part of that community. I can’t wait to play and be a part of something that looks like it will be as big as the phenomenon that started the first game.