Dying Light 2 Stay Human: How to get the frying pan, a secret weapon

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is out now for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. And that just means you can chop zombies into mince while practicing parkour and discovering their sprawling world. Here you can read our review.

As if that wasn’t attractive enough, the guys at Techland have included crazy elements that pay homage to other games and movies (such as the Sword of Conan), which you will have to discover.

Even with those, surely you have never imagined that a frying pan could give so much play. And even more so if they give it to us some chickens that come from Outer Space. Craziness? Perhaps, but it is a reality in the Techland title.

If you are curious and want to slaughter zombies with frying pans, here we leave you How to get the frying pan (secret weapon) in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the latest zombie craze for PC and consoles.

How to get the frying pan, a secret weapon

The plot of Dying Light 2 is full of surprises and twists unexpected… but there is a quest where you can get a cosmic frying pan. How do you eat that? Well, pay attention.

This is Pan of Destiny, which is basically a frying pan that we can throw at the zombies. The peculiarity is that it will return to our hands, as if it were a boomerang.

The madness goes further when we discover that this pan is given to us by some space chickens, who seek to return to their world. We can get the frying pan during the Now or Never quest.

In order to get this secret weapon, we have to start this quest, which It is located in the final stretch of the story of Dying Light 2 (it lasts about 20 hours). If you have come this far, you already know that t You have to face the Colonel, leader of the Forsaken.

This boss hides in The Fortress. There are two ways to get in: stealth or cakewalking. Whichever you choose, to get the frying pan you have to move away from the quest marker.

Upon reaching the Stronghold, look for a ladder to go up to the upper floor. Once there, look for a room with an orange tent covering the entrance. You can reach this location mid-mission or later (in case you’re further along in the plot).Dying Light 2

Inside this tent is a chicken , which explains that it comes from Outer Space and that they need a piece of their ship to escape. The location of that piece will be marked on the game map.

Either at that time or when you complete the mission, you must go to this marker on the map It is not particularly difficult to reach, although depending on your decisions there will be some variants.

When you get there, take the piece of the ship and go back to where you found the chicken. gone, straight ahead and without getting into too much trouble.

Go meet the chicken, who will thank you and tell you if you want to go with her to her planet. We will see that this is impossible, but in compensation we are given Zotan’s Pan.

This is u An item that we can redeem for a reward. And, as you can expect, it’s the Pan of Destiny skillet, which will become your new favorite weapon to wax the zombies of Dying Light 2.

The pan is an homage to a weapon from the first Dying Light (Chicken on Stick), which also allows you to directly hit or throw it at enemies (like a boomerang). It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it’s a ton of fun and you’ll want to have it in your inventory.

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Dying Light 2 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. As for the version for Nintendo Switch, Techland announced that it will arrive in August, with no exact release date yet.

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