EA Cricket 07 Player Editor V6.0.3.5

EA Cricket 07 Player Editor V6.0.3.5

EA Cricket 07 Player Editor V6.0.3.5 is an editor for Cricket 07.

EA Cricket 07 Editor


Have you ever wished to update a patch? Or maybe you want to create your own patches? Alternatively, you may change players’ talents, bowling speeds, teams, statistics, birthdays, and lots more! With EA Cricket 07 Player Editor V6.0.3.5, you can create your own player, join a team, designate a bat for yourself, and much more! Here is a brief introduction to Player Editor 2007.

Really nice, huh? So why are you still waiting? Tutorials, I presume? Let’s look at the FAQ that the inventor, Barmyarmy, but first:


Where should I save the executable?

As long as the XML file is in the same directory, you may put it wherever you like. If it’s not, the editor will let you know.

“PlayerEditor07.exe Application Error” is the error I get. The application’s initialization went wrong (0xc0000135) To end the application, click OK.

For this editor to function, the.NET 2.0 Framework is required. Obtain it here.

I typed the paths incorrectly or would want to alter them.

Make sure the fields for the C07 path and ImpBigPath are empty in the bats.xml file by editing it using a tool like XML notepad.


How can I create or locate the roster file?

Roster creation involves loading and storing the roster in My Cricket. They were at place X: Settings and Documents Login name I Have Documents for Cricket 2007 by EA Sports


Why are bat/face previews unavailable to PS2 users?

No one has been able to figure out the varied formats of the bat and face files.

Since you make editors for a living, I should always be bugging you for updates, pointing out all the mistakes, and asking for more features.

I do this on the side. I’m pleased to get suggestions and problem reports, but if I notice any comments that say “urgent, fix this immediately, create this,” I’ll delete them and probably give you a bad review in the process.


Should I provide any more gratitude?

I’d want to specifically thank duded64 and add thomp for their amazing efforts, although a complete list is in the readme.


There was an attempt to load a program in the wrong format.

I am unable to resolve this 64-bit problem at the moment. Set previews to false in your bats.xml file, and the editor will launch.

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Change Record

V6.0.2.0-12th November 2011- HD bat textures are now supported. Stability Repair, Increased Speed.

V6.0.1.0-November 21, 2011- HD bat textures are now supported.

V6.0.0.0, released on November 9th, 2011, adds support for Windows 7. added 64-bit support Additionally, the Shortcut Assigning system now includes an automatic file name generator.

As of June 4, 2007, the version was A new edition has faces that can now accommodate sunblock or not. Compatible with Vista

v4.2.2.1-January 26, 2007-Added TMT support and fixed an import/export problem

v4.2.1.1-December 21, 2006 squads were added for PS2, an OD display error was solved, and news bats.xml

Player Editor07’s initial wide release and code conversion from C2K5 were finished in version, which was released on December 10th.

On November 23, 2006, the final version of the C2K5 Player Editor was released.

Important information for readers:


The personal information tab will be the editor’s default setting.

The buttons to open a new file, save a file, change settings, examine the readme, check for updates, and view the information is located in the toolbar at the top.

The name of the player who is presently being modified may be found in the combo box on the left.

The editor’s nationality filter is set using the combo box on the right. The flaw is that it displays every player who has a nationality specified. There is also a “show all players” option that displays players who have not yet been formed and players whose nationality is set to none.

Changeable options include the ability to choose between overs and balls and enable/disable previews (to speed the editor up).

EA Cricket 07 Editor
EA Cricket 07 Editor


In C07, there are around 60 unique faces and 75 generic faces. Matchmakers may broaden this to offer more distinctive ones. Every player is either given a special or generic face.

Click on the “Face” page to learn a player’s face filename and if it is unique to him or not.

A player has a unique face if his face ID matches his player ID. Instead, he uses a generic one.

The editor can be used to set default faces for generated players, and it can also be used to make unique faces for players who don’t have them.

Putting generic faces on

Choose a player

  • On the face tab, choose the ‘Set Generic Face’ checkbox.
  • Choose “white,” “Asian,” or “Dark” skin from the boxes that pop up.
  • To save, click the button.
  • Affixing distinctive faces
  • Download and extract a face file.

Download a sunscreen face file and extract it if you want sunscreen, too.

Select Face And Appearance in the Player-Editor. Choose the participant and tick the “Set Unique Face” box.

Choose “White,” “Asian,” or “Dark” skin from the list that displays. Check the box next to Sunscream if you want it as well.

Choose “Shortcut Assign”. You will be asked to find the downloaded default face.

The location of the downloaded sunscreen face will be requested from you.

The editor will update the XML file with the proper code.

A number of faces will emerge, but this one is special.

Stats adjustments

On the statistics tab

One at a time, alter test, ODI, od, or FC, then press save.

High scores shouldn’t be marked off with a “*.”

In BBI, runs come before wickets.

Because they are derived from the other data, average, SR, and economy are read-only.

The appearance of the bat

Editing the XML file will change the list of bats.

The file containing that bat has an apparent FSH filename.


All should be modifiable by making changes and selecting “Save.”

Set the value in Abilities using the slider.


Player Import/Export

Click the export button after selecting the player from the list. Select a filename.

Click the import option after choosing the player you want to bring in. Click “OK” after choosing the player you want to copy over.

Export-Import Group

This is possible on the Squad tab.

Before a game, you should delete from a loaded team any players who are not on the roster. If you don’t, the team won’t load correctly.

Multiple Talents

Use caution since this modifies each player’s skills on the roster.

You may choose to scale by, increase by, decrease by, or set a specific value.

This cannot be undone.

You can find out EA Cricket 07 Player Editor V6.0.3.5 here.

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