As of today, most people searching a decent job to start their career, but unfortunately, they are unable to find a job related to their education. Nevertheless, today is not the last day of the world. So what I will say to you all, do not lose hope, there are many ways that you can earn money online. Only you have to be patient and keep hard-working like you are doing an office job. Even you can do this job by sitting at home. For doing this job, you must be having a laptop or PC.

Furthermore, you do not require a paid software or any services from anybody else. You can do it for free. What I will say just read and follow instructions below to learn in a better way than how to earn money online.


Here we go, First of all, this article is going to be very very long, but again I would say to you all that read this carefully and follow my instruction step by step to earn money online. You can earn money from various platforms like social, vlog, blogs, etc.

How to Earn Money Online with Social Activities?

Make a Facebook page and group with the same name you decided on your Facebook page. Upload daily photos or videos every 4 hours gap and ask your friends or family to share your post which you posted on your Facebook page. To earn from the Facebook page, you will have to apply for monetization and to comply with Facebook monetization, and you have complete get 10,000 likes and 30,000 minutes views.

earn money with online

Tip: How to Earn Money Online with Facebook Social Media

  • Go to youtube and get too short funny videos and compile it in 1 video.
  • Your video must be 3 minutes long to earn money online on Facebook.
  • Go to your Facebook page and the creator studio and upload it.
  • After you upload as I said, ask your friend and family to share your video post.
  • Make at least 5 Facebook ids and join 15 groups from each id.
  • How to share from each id? Just open one of your Facebook ids and share it in one group and wait for 1 minute. If you share continuously, then there is a 100% chance that Facebook will blog your ID. So keep patient and do as I mentioned above.
  • Even you can get short video clips from TikTok and do as I mentioned above.
  • Join the most significant group on Facebook, where that group must be having at least 1 million members on that group.
  • Go to your Facebook page and invite your friends and family to like your Facebook page.

earn money with youtube

Most of the people having skills/expertise in various fields like they are very socialized, bold, smart, energetic, etc. This kind of person can earn money online from their youtube channel. To monetize your youtube channel you have to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers in the past 12 months. I have posted an article about how to rank fiver gig on the first page, and you may also be interested in this.

The question is that how can we earn money online from youtube channel?

  • Make and secured a Gmail id with mobile verification.
  • Login to youtube channel and do the necessary setup.

The things could be straightforward, either hard. Why is it simple? If you work hard like you are working in any firm then it is straightforward, first few months you have to spend almost all day to do this kind of activities, letter on you will have to spend few hours 2 or 3 times a week, and why it is hard, because if you lose hope, then it will be difficult for you for forever.

Tip: How to Earn Money for Online with Youtube Channel

  • Make a vlog type videos.
  • Vlog videos can be on any topic like fashion, malls, shopping, health, news, kids, voice-over or as you like, and it is easy for you to do this.
  • You can make reviews on various things like reviews on cars, reviews on things you purchase daily or weekly.
  • Just listen to the news daily and do the voice over in your way, upload this video on your youtube channel.
  • You will have to upload daily two videos at lease for one month and the 2 or 3 times in a week.
  • How to promote your youtube channel? The trick is so straightforward after you upload your video, you can share that video on WhatsApp, Facebook id, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many other social media platform to earn money for online.
  • Furthermore, kindly note that never buy views or subscribers from anybody else, what my experience says that your videos increase your videos views and as well as your youtube channel subscriber.
  • In the beginning, you will not get that many views and subscribers, but the letter on by uploading videos on various topics your youtube subscriber and youtube videos views will increase day by day, and one day you will see millions of views and thousands of the subscriber on your youtube channel.
  • Make a video on trending topics, those trending topics you can see through media and other social media platforms.
  • Do the proper editing before you upload your videos.
  • Moreover, most important is that you do the proper keyword research on how to add tags in youtube videos.
  • Make sure you will not get anybody else video and upload it onto your channel. It is always safe that make your videos and upload it onto your youtube channel.
  • The video you make for your youtube channel, the same video can be uploaded to your Facebook page, from there you can share as I mentioned above that share it on the various and biggest Facebook group to earn money for online.
  • There are thousands of Facebook groups, name youtube views, youtube subscribers, etc., join those groups from your other Facebook ids and share your youtube videos to increase your youtube videos views.
  • Shaz vlog is the also youtube channel. I saw that guy making videos on various topics, and you may visit his/her youtube channel for further information or details. I hope it will help you to grow or give you an idea of how to make videos for youtube earning purposes.
  • The giant kid’s corner is one of the famous youtube channels on youtube. They make various types of videos for kids like, art and craft, DIY videos, playdough videos, kids’ outdoor activities, indoor playground, fun videos, live videos, slime videos, kinetic sand videos, swimming pool fun, and water park videos etc., why they make? Sure they make these videos to earn money online from youtube itself.
  • What giant kids corner do after they upload their videos on the youtube channel, they upload the same video on there own Facebook page which is kids learning videos, by uploading video they earn money online.
  1. ANOTHER WAY HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE WITH WEBSITESearn money with blogger website

I have mentioned above how to earn money online with Facebook and youtube channel. Here I will guide you on how to earn money with websites. This is also a simple and easiest way to earn money online. For sure, you will be thinking about how? See if you have general knowledge and you are watching TV daily for news, fashion, health, sports news, etc., then you must be having proper knowledge, Start writing on a topic which you think its suits and easy for you. Your content must be 1000 words at least on each topic or article. Again I would like to say that, write an article on trending topics, it could be news, sports, upcoming events or upcoming movies also. After writing a few articles, you will understand that what to do next and for sure one day people will ask you how to earn money online? What googles latest algorithm says is that content is KING. So its means that the one who has right/better writing he/she can make an excellent online income by posting articles.

Tip: How to Earn Money Online from Websites.

earn with wordpress website

  • Make your website.
  • The website must be having attractive them with a stylish logo and name.
  • How to promote the website? Make backlinks social sharing etc.
  • Write an article daily.
  • Choose the topics which are easy for you to write, and even you can write how to earn money online too.
  • Get the free images for your websites from pixels dot com, or you can google it how to get free images for your article, you will see hundreds of websites which offer free images for your article.
  • Search the topic which is trending or the topic which is having millions of searching per month.
  • Share your article link onto various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube, Facebook id, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Tumblr, Instagram to get websites views.
  • Apply for Google Adsense.
  • Connect with affiliate marketing and earn money online.
  • Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn money.
  • You can also build your eCommerce website.
  • Online directories are also an excellent choice to run websites business. 

Even I start my career with free online earning methods/platforms like blogger and WordPress. Both of them are free for all. In these sites, you can make free blogger websites and start to earn money online. Here also you will have to repeat the same method which I explained to you in heading number 3 that how to earn money online from the website. Do the same for your blogger websites.

Tip: How I Earn Online Money from Blogger Websites.

  • Make a Gmail id with a phone secured verification method.
  • Share your content on social media, as mentioned above.
  • Choose a free and attractive theme for your blog website.
  • Do the proper setup by watching videos through youtube. You will find a bunch of videos about how to do the blogger setup step by step.
  • Join affiliate marketing and write on their products. By doing this, you can earn thousands of dollars every month.
  • Go to the affiliate marketing dashboard and choose the products you wish to write.
  • Promote affiliate marketing by share your websites link on various or all the social media platforms. 

To earn money online on a freelancer platform, you must be having at least a single skill. On the freelancer website, you can provide your service to the client and get better pay. Freelancer websites are almost a secure website that pays you once you complete your task, but again customer satisfaction is must required. To earn money online following the following websites and tips below.

10 Best and Most Trusted Freelancer Websites

earn money with freelancer websites

  1. Toptal
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer
  4. Fiverr
  5. Guru
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. Ifreelance
  8. 99Designs
  9. Simplyhired
  10. Craigslist

Tip: Following Skills Allows You How To Earn A Money Online from Freelancer websites.

  1. Graphic designer.
  2. AutoCad draftsman.
  3. 3d designer.
  4. Fashion designer.
  5. Web developer.
  6. Software engineer.
  7. Content writer
  8. Software development.
  9. Project Management.
  10. Computer and IT.
  11. Research
  12. Account Management
  13. Internet and Ecommerce.


  1. Start An Affiliate Niche Focused Blog
  2. Start A Dropshipping-Based Online Store
  3. Start An Amazon Store
  4. Start An Amazon Affiliate Store
  5. Start A Print-On-Demand Business
  6. Create A Line Of Bath And Body Products
  7. Sell Your Arts And Crafts
  8. Make And Sell Jewelry
  9. Design And Sell Gift Baskets
  10. Develop A Niche-Based Subscription Box
  11. Launch An Online Consignment Store
  12. Become A Coin Or Stamp Dealer
  13. Make And Sell Food Products
  14. Start An Electronics Recycling Business
  15. Become A Sneaker Reseller
  16. Sell Concert Tickets For Profit
  17. Start A Clothing Line
  18. Get Rid Of Clothes
  19. Flip Textbooks (Any Books, Really)
  20. Loan Out Your Car
  21. Rent Your Driveway
  22. Website Monetization
  23. Build And Rent Websites
  24. Buy And Sell Domains
  25. Flip Websites
  26. Become An Online Influencer
  27. Start A Niche-Based YouTube Channel
  28. Create A Niched Podcast
  29. Become A Digital Personal Trainer Or Yoga Instructor
  30. Delve Into The Metaphysical
  31. Provide Data Entry Services
  32. Sell Web Hosting As A Reseller
  33. Offer Ads On Your Own Website
  34. Create A Blog Network
  35. Create An Advertising Network
  36. Become A Freelance Writer
  37. Technical Writing
  38. Become A Freelance Editor
  39. Write Resumes For Job Searchers
  40. Write Press Releases
  41. Edit College Admissions Essays
  42. Try College Consulting
  43. Earn Money As A Transcriptionist
  44. Become A Virtual Assistant
  45. Become A Virtual Receptionist
  46. Manage Blogs For Others
  47. Become A Virtual Interior Designer
  48. Review Phone Calls
  49. Become A Brand Consultant
  50. Tutor Students In Subjects You Know And Love
  51. Teach People To Play An Instrument
  52. Translate Between Multiple Languages
  53. Become A Professional Video Editor And Producer
  54. Do Virtual Odd Jobs With Fiverr
  55. Start A Web Design Business
  56. Offer Graphic Design Services
  57. Launch A Consulting Company
  58. Start An Online Travel Agency
  59. Start A Chatbot Business
  60. Sell Search Engine Optimization Services
  61. Work As A Social Media Manager
  62. Work As An Ad Manager
  63. Start A Digital Marketing Agency
  64. Launch Your Own Public Relations Firm
  65. Offer Event Or Wedding Planning Services
  66. Offer Bookkeeping Services To Small Businesses
  67. Start A Life Coaching Business
  68. Sell Expertise On Clarity.Fm
  69. Get Paid To Speak
  70. Start A Matchmaking Company
  71. Become A Business Coach
  72. Launch A News Clipping Service
  73. Narrate And Produce Audiobooks
  74. Become A Voice-Over Artist
  75. Online Newsletter Service
  76. Direct Sales Marketer
  77. Do Email Outreach For Other Companies
  78. Develop WordPress Themes
  79. Develop WordPress Plugins
  80. Launch A Webinar Business
  81. Sell Your Photos To Stock Photography Sites
  82. Capitalize On The AI Trend
  83. Create A Subscription-Based Facebook Group
  84. Build And Sell Your Own Software
  85. Build And Market Your Own App
  86. Create Your Own Course And Sell Your Expertise
  87. Sell Your Digital Product On Clickbank
  88. Launch A Membership-Based Product
  89. Become A Self-Published Author
  90. Create And Sell Your Own Audiobooks
  91. Create And Sell Music
  92. Create And Sell Browser Extensions
  93. Write Grants For Companies
  94. Teach English Online
  95. Score Tests For Major Companies
  96. Start A Genealogical Research Business
  97. Become A Professional Researcher
  98. Become A Data Analyst
  99. Make The Web A Better Place As A Search Engine Quality Rater
  100. Help People As A Customer Service Representative
  101. Become A Professional Recruiter
  102. Get Paid To Listen To Music
  103. Become A Drone Pilot
  104. Sell Your Unused CPU Space
  105. Work From Home As A Nurse
  106. Advertise Companies On Your Body
  107. Earn With Medical Coding And Billing
  108. Make Money With File Sharing
  109. Provide Tech Support
  110. Are You An LCSW Or Psychologist? Become An Online Therapist
  111. Work In A Remote Position For Another Company
  112. Start A Patreon Account
  113. Become A Video Game Tester
  114. Sell Your Lesson Plans
  115. Sell Your Class Notes
  116. Work As A Social Media Or Forum Moderator
  117. Get Paid To Test Products
  118. Become A Professional Question Answerer
  119. Create Meal Plans For Busy People
  120. Become A Beta Tester For Software Companies
  121. Get Paid To Take Selfies
  122. Play Games On Your Smartphone
  123. Take Surveys
  124. Become A Website Usability Tester
  125. Rent Out Your Stuff
  126. Sell Your Used Stuff
  127. Participate In Online Mock Juries
  128. Join A Social Investment Network
  129. Become A Cryptocurrency Investor
  130. Get Paid To Get Healthy
  131. Make That Time You Spend Gaming Work For You
  132. Invest In Peer-To-Peer Lending
  133. Try Your Hand At Real Estate Investing
  134. Buy An Existing Online Business
  135. Become An Online Notary
  136. Earn Cash With Microtasks
  137. Participate In Focus Groups
  138. List Your Spot On Airbnb
  139. Open Your Couch To Couch Surfers
  140. Sell Your Junk Mail
  141. Earn Cryptocurrency For Walking
  142. Turn Video Game Currency Into Real Cash
  143. Start Trading On The Stock Market
  144. Invest In Fine Art
  145. Install Apps On Your Phone
  146. Answer Trivia Questions
  147. Make Money Playing Fantasy Sports
  148. Invest In Online Businesses
  149. Become A Debt Collector