Earthbound lands on Nintendo Switch Online, another gem that joins the retro catalog

We already intuited it before the Nintendo Direct, and it is that hours before the event a service update was notified for after the event. This usually happens when new games are going to be added to Nintendo Switch Online and this time the premises were met.

And it is that, subscribers to the service already have two new games from the SNES catalog, nothing more and nothing less than Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings. RPG highly demanded by the community that also saw its appearance on the virtual console of Wii U and 3DS and now join the Switch Online catalog without additional payments.

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Two-RPGs-you-should-try-if-your-genre is your thing

  • This is a niche saga known as Mother in Japan ?
  • We can enjoy both the first installment Earthbound Beginning (Mother ) like Earthbound (Mother 2) ?
  • Many users expected the arrival of Mother 3 which never came out here but will continue to wait ?
  • The cult classic finally available in Europe! ?
  • An RPG full of humor, cultural references and unforgettable music?
  • When a meteor crashes to Earth near ‘s house Ness, our young hero sets out to investigate ?
  • After an encounter with a strange alien, Ness will travel the world to prevent Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer , annihilate everything and everyone ?
  • Find allies, fight enemies, solve puzzles and twist the plans of the evil Giygas
  • The adventure that redefined role-playing games on Super Nintendo ?