Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy, from the creator of Fairy Tail, dates its release

Hiro Mashima has managed to set up his own ecosystem in which his franchises do not stop expanding through all kinds of formats. Especially noteworthy is the case of “Edens Zero“, which without having finished the manga has already announced a second anime season and, furthermore, in a matter of weeks it will publish the video game Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy, which will allow us to enjoy the work but on smartphones with Android and iOS systems.

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Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy becomes available this same month of February

Before moving on to the details of the game, such as its release date, I leave you with the gameplay trailer that was recently shown for Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy:

Now I do list the things you should take into account (via Gematsu):

  • Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy arrives on February 24, 2022 for Android and iOS systems. ??????
  • The main features of the game are the following ???:
    • It has the stories of the anime and the manga but also with original stories.
    • The main story has the dubbing of all its characters. As such, it is considered perfect for entering the Edens Zero universe even without having seen the anime or read the manga.
    • The game has a hack and slash gameplay in which you can use all kinds of skills.
    • There are over 100 costumes and pieces of equipment available for the characters.
    • It has an arena mode through which you can measure yourself against players from all over the world.

If one is a fan of Hiro Mashima and what he has achieved over the years, it seems to me that at least trying out Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy should be among his plans. After all, it is a free anime game like so many there are today, and of which many end up having a certain degree of success. Ultimately, I’d like to remind you that an Edens Zero game is also in development for consoles, although we haven’t heard anything about it for a long time now.

Konami presents first details and teaser of Edens Zero since TGS 2020

Synopsis of Edens Zero

Eden’s Zero is a story starring Shiki Granbell, a human with the ability to use ‘Ether’, a source of magical power that has a wide variety of uses – such as providing its user with great supernatural abilities -. So, together with Rebecca and Happy, whom he will meet later, Shiki will embark on a journey on the ship ‘Edens Zero’ to find ‘Mother’, a legendary sovereign figure of the Cosmos .