Education is a best weapon that you can give to your child

What Education gives us?

Today we are living in an era of modernization, before 200 years no one thought that after just two centuries the world will look like the way it is today, like if you want a taxi then it is available at your doorstep just by a touch on mobile phone, no one thought that just clicking on mobile screen the yummiest meal I would have available at my desired place, in past the peoples used to go through tough phase in order to get their wishes fulfilled. Now the question arises that how the world has changed this much? And the answer is Education, Education and Education.

How can we get educated?

The word education is not a work of one day or few weeks or some years, although it is a process of acquiring knowledge step by step and a name of getting training day by day, period of education starts from when you start holding your senses means when you come to realize that what is good and what is bad in life for you. Since the period starts then it continues in whole life till the moment of death. In short gaining knowledge has no end or no limits, the max you learn the max you earn whether it will be a respect and cash.


The studies reveal that education is a tool which can change the person’s way of thinking, analyzing the situation and responding to it at its best, you learn courtesy and your problem-solving skills get nourished through the period of education.

 What education teaches us?

If you not able to show politeness of attitude towards others after having so much knowledge then your degrees are useless, education teaches us ethics first. Ethically behavior is mandatory in every field of life either its personal or professional life.

What problems the world facing in the field of education?

This earth is divided among seven continents, 195 countries, and out of which most countries has succeeded in the field of education. Like America, Europe, England, Australia, Asia who has diverted their nations towards cognition (By providing facilities, schools, colleges, huge universities, technology, and innovation). But still, there are many countries too, facing many problems in the education sector like they have a shortage of good teachers and other architecture, electricity problems, there are few countries also in Africa and Asia belongs to very poor backgrounds that they can’t afford neither quality food nor education.