Egan Bernal was discharged

“Egan completed two weeks in our training and managed to overcome a high-energy trauma,” the official report stated.

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And he added: “He is ready to start his rehabilitation process in good shape. He has no complications and all the injuries are stable and in the process of recovery.

Bernal entered the clinic on January 24, after a serious accident he suffered while training on his time trial bike.

What is coming for Bernal

“The patient has been discharged to continue, on an outpatient basis, his rehabilitation process with our institution,” he specified.

The Ineos team cyclist underwent surgery for a fractured femur and right patella, a fractured thoracic vertebrae

“Today we give more meaning and strength to the words we carry in Our
Institution as a mission. With pride and hope we begin a new stage
together with our athlete”, said Juan Guillermo Ortiz Martínez, general director of the Clínica de la Sabana.

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